TikTok dethrones Google and becomes the most visited site this year

2021 is the year of TikTok . In any case, the social network has dethroned Google and becomes the most visited site of the year. Surprising? A little, but not that much. After the seventh place in the Cloudflare ranking in 2020, TikTok has settled comfortably at the top of the podium this year.

TikTok eclipses Google by 2021

Every year, Cloudflare ranks websites based on their traffic. In the top 5 of the most visited sites, we still find Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Netflix. Pretty much always in that order. Nothing really surprising. Sometimes Amazon wins over Netflix. But that’s about it.

In 2021, however, TikTok came up with this ranking. Positioned in seventh place last year, the social network has climbed the ranks this year. Even going so far as to dethrone the undisputed leader for many years. Indeed, Google.com, which includes Maps, Translation, Images, Flights, Books and News among others, lost its gold medal.

Thus, the top 5 of 2021 consists of TikTok, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple. Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp follow them closely and close the ranking of the ten most visited sites this year.

Note, however, that YouTube was number 1 on February 2 . Only on this day. As a reminder, it was in the middle of Super Bowl week, very popular in the United States with highly anticipated commercials each year. That same day, there was a video that made the buzz on YouTube: that of a fitness teacher who trains quietly while behind, we witnessed the coup d’état in Myanmar (Burma).

TikTok started showing cheeky popularity as early as last February. The social network took, a few days here and there, the first place in February and March. But Google was holding on. However, since 06 August 2021, TikTok has definitely established its “supremacy” by being the most visited site most days.

It’s really impressive when you know all the tools and derivatives of Google.com. This proves the incredible popularity of the social network. It remains to be seen if TikTok will manage to keep this first place in 2022 or if its users will end up getting bored…