TikTok becomes the most visited site in the world and dethrones Google

Will the reign of Google come to an end? The American giant rose to second position in the ranking of the most visited sites in the world, according to information from the American site Cloudflare relayed by Phonandroid . In recent years, the concept of TikTok has attracted more and more Internet users, in particular among the youngest members of Generation Z, that is i.e. those born between 20 and 2010 .

TikTok allows you to share and watch short videos. Its success would be partly due to its very attractive mobile interface and its concept of simplified sharing of videos . It is indeed very easy to waste hours just chaining the short and funny videos on the platform.

One billion users

Thus, in 2021, the domain name TikTok comes in first position of the most visited sites in the world. Next are Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp. However, the first half of the year was still dominated by Google, which was then in first position in this ranking.

It was in August that the Chinese social network began to impose itself in force with constant statistics for the last six months. In total, since September, Tiktok has more than a billion users according to the application’s data. The latter had, however, been the subject of strong criticism from the American authorities and had almost been banned from the United States for commercial reasons .