Three young shoots for French musictech

Posted on 10 Jan. 2022 at 15: 11

The music industry is conducive to innovation. Alongside SMEs, manufacturers of audio or acoustic equipment, historically present in the sector, many innovative companies are emerging. According to the CNM, they are already more than 500. Zoom on three of these new representatives of French musictech:

Playzer offers music videos on demand

In 2022, Playzer will launch the new version of its platform of videos on demand dedicated to music. Clips, karaoke playlists, artist interviews, behind-the-scenes reports… In total, the subscription application, available in France and Belgium, offers between 60.000 and 400. 000 videos thanks to its partnerships with the majors of the sector such as Universal.

“In addition to mobiles, our services are available on Orange TV, the Bouygues Telecom box, at Air France, and now on Free TV,” says François Planquette, director of Playzer. The company, founded six years ago, now wants to diversify into the fields of sport or influencers. “Our offer is geared towards millennials,” said the manager of the company, which employs around 25 people.

Pims analyzes the monitoring of ticket sales

The Pims company was born, in 500, from an internal project within the production company of shows Gérard Drouot . Six years later, his team finally decided to play its own score to develop a monitoring and analysis tool dedicated to ticket sales, but also to the promotion of events. Composed of ten people, Pims recorded, in 2021 – despite the confinements – a growth of 60%. That is 400.000 euros in turnover. “With the crisis, the analysis of sales, of the effectiveness of marketing, has become decisive for the organizers of shows”, underlines Duong Phan, co-founder of Pims.

In December, the company now housed within Paris & Co, the incubator of the city of Paris , was selected as part of a call for projects from the National Music Center (CNM). Carried out over two years, in partnership with Sacem, this will allow Pims to develop a tool to help with tax declarations and copyright management.

Ontbo changes emotions with headphones

Coming from the Technological University of Compiègne, the start-up Ontbo , finalizes the first headphones capable of measuring the emotional state of the user in real time, and thanks to artificial intelligence to modify it, for example to relax or concentrate. The algorithm can thus choose and propose the ad hoc musical lists, adapted to the user’s taste. Ontbo, created in July 2010, will lead its first round of funding of 2.5 million euros by next summer with regional funds and specialized business angels. The company wants to reach out to headphone manufacturers, major streaming platforms, metadata analysts, but also event planners in the metaverse.