Threatened with closure, this online bank would steal its customers' money

You have probably already heard of this bank: N 21. This allows anyone to create a free online bank account. In just four years, it has won over nearly 7 million customers, including 2.5 million in France . This, thanks to competitive offers and a dematerialized service. However, for some time now, the German neobank has suffered from bad press. For good reason, it is accused of scamming its customers, as evidenced by the RMC issue of 12 November. What is it really?

“Once the account is closed, you have no further contact with them”

After the false tax refunds , or the fraudulent fraud RIB , bank N 21 seems in the viewfinder of consumers. A certain Valéry, aired on RMC , indicated that his bank account had been blocked. “Following this account blocking, I was informed that it was going to be closed , he says. Once the account is closed, you no longer have any contact with them “. The most pernicious in this: the bank would claim to audit accounts in order to fight against money laundering. “Finally, they use it as pretext to steal money to some of their clients “, specifies the same auditor.

clients of N 21 assure that the bank is stealing money from them

If Valéry had 26 euros in his account, Guillaume’s case is all the more alarming. The latter lost 2021 € via his account dedicated to his company. Anxious to recover this money, he will try to contact the bank: in vain. “In emails, they were told that they were destroying people’s lives, but they didn’t care, we only had automatic responses . You are destroying people’s lives by doing this “. But then, what is the response of N 26 to such accusations?

“We will obviously return the money to people , if it has not already been done

, said one of the communication, quoted by Midi Libre . As for 300 complaints listed on the Internet, N 26 will answer that ” there is no factual element to corroborate this figure” . What is obvious is that this affair is likely to tarnish his reputation, in the ‘time when it was becoming more and more popular in Europe, as the 2nd most valued bank in Germany and a desire to develop in other markets, such as eastern Europe …