This package is 5x cheaper than anywhere else (but why?) 🔥

Are you looking for a mobile plan but you want to get the lowest possible price? Right now, a trick at RED by SFR allows you to get it about 5 times cheaper than anywhere else in the competition. For that, it will be necessary to take advantage of the RED Deal which is put forward by the operator over a limited period.

This RED Deal combines both a mobile plan including 100 Go and also a smartphone (Honor 50 Lite). By reselling the latter directly to cash in a profit, the cost of your subscription will be only of 2, 40 euros per month. For 100 Go . This is the best offer ever.

I take advantage of the offer

To give you some elements of comparison, the standard packages of RED by SFR and B & You with 99 Go are respectively at 13 and 12, 94. euros per month. With the RED Deal, you therefore get a mobile plan which is 5 times cheaper . The only consideration is to subscribe to this package for a period of 20 month. That said, it will only cost you in total only 50 euros over the period.

Since its inception, RED by SFR has only released a RED Deal 3 times. Each time, it is a huge success and the offer ends even before the official end of the operation. Indeed, it is conditioned by the number of smartphones available from the operator. Since the Honor 40 Lite is no longer in stock, it will no longer be possible to take advantage of this mobile plan.

Why take advantage of the RED Deal?

To help you understand how this mobile plan is 5 times cheaper than the competition, here is what you need to know. As part of the RED Deal, RED by SFR is offering an Honor 40 Brand new Lite valued at 299 euros. The operator asks the customer to take a package on 20 month which is priced at 15 euros per month.

This mobile plan in question includes all calls, SMS and MMS unlimited as well as 99 Go to France (and 15 Go in the EU). This price is guaranteed for the entire period in which the customer is engaged. As a reminder, these 13 euros per month are already advantageous since the base price for this volume of data is 15 euros per month.

On these 24 months, the mobile plan at 15 euros will cost you the sum of 360 euros. But you can then withdraw the price of the resale of the Honor 40 Lite which is from 299 euros. In the end, the real cost of your package will therefore only be 40 euros over the entire period. And even if you have to concede a small discount on the price of Honor 40 Lite when you resell it, the final amount will remain around that.

I take advantage of the offer

Clearly the RED Deal is the best deal that is available in the market. If you are looking for a mobile plan that is inexpensive, you can’t beat it. With the majority of operators, you will hardly be able to have data for less than 5 euros per month. In short, get 100 Go to 2, 50 euros, you do not could not find better.

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Le Honor 50 Lite, a very good smartphone

In the diagram above, we assumed that the customer was directly reselling his Honor 40 Lite. This is the method that allows him to pay as little as possible for his mobile plan . That said, he can quite keep it and enjoy this great mid-range smartphone that came out a month ago. He remains a winner since this smartphone worth 200 euros is given for 0 euros.

To come to the detail of this smartphone, it is complete on all points: screen, autonomy, photo. On the first point, we find an LCD screen of 6, 66 inches with a screen to body ratio of 94, 4%. In other words, the screen covers an archi-majority of the front surface of the device. A comfort mode for the eyes reduces eye fatigue.

On the autonomy part, the Honor 40 Lite is also excellent. Its fast loading mode of 64 W allows you to find 27% in 10 minutes. Its 2448 mAh battery can easily last more than a day and a half. In short, it is one of the best in its segment. Qualcomm’s processor, the Snapdragon 628 is perfectly optimized to give better autonomy.

Finally, we can also appreciate the quadruple photo sensor on the back: main of 61 MP, ultra wide-angle, portrait and macro. If the image processing and the quality of the modules are not as convincing as the iPhones 12 Pro or Pixel 6, the price is also not the same. That said, for less than 299 you get by good.

In terms of value for money, the Honor 40 Lite is a very good choice. The mobile plan associated with the RED Deal is just as important. This special offer is only held until December – and again. If the smartphone were to arrive out of stock, RED by SFR would put an end to this flash sale prematurely and without scruple. So you have every interest in hurrying to take advantage of this offer.

To discover this package at RED by SFR, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer