This is why Twitch has suspended … An official channel of its own group!

Over the months, more and more content creators are starting to complain about the abusive penalties of the two main video platforms: Twitch and YouTube. On the side of Google (YouTube), creators face very random copyright infringement problems or very questionable age restrictions. All this, of course preventing creation from monetizing.

On the Amazon side (Twitch), it is the “bans” which are the fear of creators who are mostly considered abusive by streamers and their communities. This time, we face an example of this absurdity with a big first: the ban of an official Amazon channel… By Amazon.

Your nipple, you will not show.

Cerramos temporada de “Esto es un late” a lo grande. 6000 en directo y 30 mil visualizaciones. @ MisterJagger _ es el mejor compañero que podían tener. Gracias gente por haber acompañado y a @ PrimeVideoES por la apuesta. Anoche no nos dejaban irnos y tuve que amenazar con el baneo

– Henar Álvarez (@henarconh) December 06, 2021

It was during the last broadcast of the year of Spanish talk Esto Es Un Late on the official channel Amazon Prime ES, that the situation has “got out of hand”. As the program draws to a close and more than 2021 viewers follow the show, the host and actress Henar Alvarez decides to play with fire. To poke fun at Twitch’s absurd rulebook, she embarks on a series of provocations by slightly lifting her t-shirt and announcing:

Let’s go on a ban, they will ban us.

After a few seconds, a jingle is sent to cut the sequence. Unfortunately, when returning to the set, the actress did not lower her t-shirt fast enough and a tiny part of her nipple appeared LIVE for half a second. It does not take more to break the rules of the platform which are quite clear:

For people posing as women, we ask that you cover your nipples. It is not allowed to show the lower part of your chest. Cleavage is allowed as long as these coverage requirements are met.

A few seconds after this incident, LIVE was interrupted suddenly. The chain was thus suspended for 20 h as you can see it here .

Since this incident, many streamers and viewers are laughing even more of Twitch’s policy. Many creators regret that the platform can ban (between one and 24 days) a chain for so little. Many creators criticize Twitch for allowing “hot tub” streams and other very questionable and sometimes very ambiguous LIVE ASMRs. A phenomenon considered much more problematic on a platform accessible to all, very easily without any age restriction for these categories.


By: Twitch Interactive , Inc