This is the oldest Santa Claus school in the world

For all those who do not know it yet, the Santa Claus schools exist and they help them to improve themselves before the arrival of the holidays. Among the oldest schools in the area is The Charles W Howard Santa Claus School, located in Midland, Michigan, USA. Founded in October 1937, the school holds the world record from the oldest Santa Claus school.

At school, Santa Claus take lessons to be able to play their role to perfection when the time comes. On the other hand, the school is not limited only to Santa Claus since Santa Claus can also strengthen their skills by attending classes.

Credits 123 The students of the school aim to make the experience as captivating as possible for all the families they will have the chance to meet during the holidays.

Santa Claus also take lessons

At the Charles W Howard Santa Claus School, students learn several things to become the best Santa Claus possible. They learn the techniques for driving a sleigh, but also how to make toys in a workshop and dress like Santa Claus. But to be good Santa Claus, they also need to know the lyrics to popular Christmas songs and learn the corresponding dances.

When they learn how to dress as Santa, we Also teaches them how to get ready quickly, especially when putting on makeup and putting on their outfit.

Among the students attending classes at Santa’s Charles W Howard School, some come alone while others are couples, like Kevin and Julia Sturgeon.

The origin of the school

The school was founded by farmer and toy maker Charles W Howard. In life, Howard had one passion, and that was to play Santa Claus. This is the reason that prompted him to play the role of Santa Claus in several department stores of the time as well as during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

According to Tom Valent, the dean of the school, Howard built the facility for children and families to have better Santa Claus.

ʺ We teach Santa’s heart and this is which sets us apart from all the other schools that were established after Charles W Howard Santa Claus School ʺ, he added.

At first Howard had five to fifteen students, then the latter increased in number. If the school was originally at Howard’s house in Albion, Orleans County, New York, it had to be moved to Midland due to lack of space.

Currently, the school has up to 300 students per year from all over the United States. At the graduation ceremony, each student receives a certificate of achievement. Originally, they received a BSC or Bachelor of Santa Claus.

SOURCE: Guinness World Records