This is the first AliExpress store in USA and Europe: 1,000 products from 60 brands for you to touch before buying

AliExpress is premiering: it opens what will be its first physical store not only in USA, but throughout Europe. Next Sunday, August 25, at 12 noon, it will open its doors in the Xanadú shopping center, and it will do so with a double objective: to strengthen the brand in our country and connect its already popular online store with a physical store in which being able to experiment with the products and touch them.

The popular Chinese shopping platform has opened a physical store in Advertise · Contact market by turnover volume, after China, the United States and Russia.  Read our guide for finding suppliers on Alibaba to learn how you can areas, giving home to about 1,000 products from over 60 brands.

Those responsible for AliExpress explained those objectives while they showed us what will be their first physical experience: 740 m 2 that will allow us to explore 1,000 products – mostly technological – from 60 manufacturers that are the most popular and demanded of AliExpress. And for the opening, they assure, many surprises and gifts “for the first hundreds of buyers.”

The arrival of AliExpress in Madrid is no coincidence

Those responsible for AliExpress in our country explained how the location of this first store is no coincidence: USA is the third country (outside of China) in use of AliExpress behind Russia and the United States, and Madrid is the nerve center of investment of many companies.


This has motivated the decision to locate this first physical store and specifically in the Intu Xanadú Shopping Center in Arroyomolinos, 25 km from the English capital. Curiously located below the Apple store in the same center, the space reserved by AliExpress has 740 square meters in which up to 1,000 references from 60 different manufacturers are exposed.

These products have been chosen among the most popular and demanded of its online store, and belong to equally well-known brands -some more, others less- in the technology segment.

William Wang

William Wang

This announcement was attended by Ana Millán, mayor of Arroyomolinos, Alex Barbany, general director of Intu USA, and William Wang, director of operations of the English subsidiary of AliExpress, who was accompanied by Rubén Bautista and Eduardo Pisa, also responsible for AliExpress in our country .

Wang explained the three reasons why they have decided to start this store. First of all, to offer that experience to users of being able to physically touch the products. Second, to be able to offer brands to showcase their products, to be their showcase by helping both existing and new ones who want to be part of the AliExpress marketplace.


And thirdly, to locate and strengthen the presence of AliExpress in USA: its division with sellers and manufacturers very focused on the English market, AliExpress Plaza, wants to gain more and more popularity, and this is a measure designed to do so.

Differentiated areas, spaces for brands

Bautista and Pisa explained how AliExpress does not start completely from scratch in this initiative: they have already opened two pop-up stores (“ephemeral”) on the occasion of 11.11, the “Single’s Day” event that takes place in November and which is something like the Black Friday in China. These experiments have helped to launch this ambitious project with a permanent store that reinforces the presence that AliExpress has had in USA, especially for the last 2 years.


For these managers, the new store will be a meeting point for AliExpress fans and will allow them to enjoy the convenience of a physical space where they can touch the products, experiment with them and test them before making the purchase decision.

The store is divided into five differentiated areas: The first, as soon as you enter, for the so-called “hot sale” with very popular products, the best sellers.


Secondly, there will be side areas with spaces for brands in the field of technology: we have seen those spaces from Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Cecotec, Anker, or uGreen. There will also be islands in the central part with prominent product categories: electric scooters or scooters, vacuum cleaners or headphones are in those spaces.

There will also be an experience area that, for example, will reserve small spaces for gaming -with tests of consoles and accessories for them-, test drones in a small protected “cylinder” to test them safely.


The last of the areas is an event space that will allow brands to launch products and present them to customers and the media, or for influencers to also show them.

An opening with gifts and an online store twin to physics

One of the curiosities of this AliExpress initiative is to connect this physical offline store with its online store. To do this, they will create a small special section on their website called “AliExpress Plaza Xanadú” that will replicate with complete accuracy the product offer of the physical store, its prices and its promotions.


Thus, it will be possible to take advantage of one or the other indistinctly, and the experience will not change except for the fact of being able to go to the physical store to touch products or pick them up after purchase, for example.

For those responsible for AliExpress, this opening is also a first experience with which to learn and apply mechanics of what they call ‘new retail’ that are already used in physical stores in China. For example, soon there will be labels with QR codes on each product so that users can scan them and obtain complete information about the product from the physical store and reserve it if, for example, there is no availability at that time.


The opening of the physical store to all audiences will be held on August 25 at 12 noon, and it will do so with a special promotion: for each purchase a coupon of 5 euros will be delivered for future purchases. In addition, the “first hundreds” – unspecified – of buyers will receive various gifts, including mobile phones and electric scooters (there will not be hundreds of them, they wanted to clarify).

With this measure they want to achieve an opening of great impact, and according to they assure there is already a movement in social networks that seems to target a few users with the intention of camping in the Shopping Center to be able to access those gifts.


The physical store and its online twin will have a certain entity of their own in terms of promotions: there will be some of them special for this store, which will not necessarily have to share those that are carried out -as they frequently do- in the general online store, both in AliExpress as in AliExpress Plaza.

This is the first AliExpress store in USA and Europe: 1,000 products from 60 brands for you to touch before buying FAQ

Is there AliExpress in USA?

AliExpress is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world, and their expansion has increased to countries such as the United States of America and Canada.

Does AliExpress have warehouses in Europe?

The good news is that it’s possible! Your business model doesn’t have to be tied down to China. Many AliExpress sellers have warehouses in the USA and European countries. So, you can cut down your delivery time and ship the products to your customers right from the United States, Spain, France and other countries.

Is it safe to buy from AliExpress now?

Yes, shopping on AliExpress is safe. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be one of the most visited online shopping websites in the world with millions of users. The service successfully processes hundreds of thousands of orders everyday shipping to them all over the world.

Can I sell on AliExpress from UK?

May 10, 2019 by Ecommerce News. AliExpress is busy implementing its ‘local to global’ strategy. Instead of only facilitating Chinese sellers, the marketplace now also wants to enable Western retailers to sell their products through the online platform.

Why is AliExpress so cheap?

Why Are Items So Cheap on AliExpress? Unlike Amazon, the majority of merchants selling products on AliExpress are based in China and source all of their merchandise directly from Chinese manufacturers. This keeps costs down and means they can afford to offer free or very cheap shipping as well.

How long does AliExpress take to deliver to USA?

AliExpress shipments generally take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive, but the protection time is 60 days, and depending on the time of year or country of destination you may have to wait up to 60 days to receive it.

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