This free addon will change the way you watch Netflix

You probably don’t know it yet, but this Chrome and Firefox extension is really one of the best to add to your browser. Netflix Lens (formerly Cine Lens) is well integrated with Netflix, then it gives you, by clicking on the Information button on the content thumbnail, a wealth of details on what you are about to watch.

It contains all the information you can find on IMDb such as the cast, the director, the synopses as well as the trailers. But also more precise data on the actors, and the productions on which they worked. The extension also gives you access to the list of songs that we hear in the film or in the episode (when these are actually available).

Become an expert on the series Netflix with this extension

If like us you are going to rush on a series The Witcher broadcast on Netflix from today , this extension will be a good way to answer all your questions without juggling several pages on your browser. Especially since the series is based on the famous literary saga of Andrzej Sapkowski, and presents a particularly detailed Fantasy universe with many characters.

The service provided by this extension recalls the X- functionality. Ray from the Amazon Prime Video platform – we can read among other things in the description of Netflix Lens: “stop scratching your head when you ask yourself ‘who is this actor?’, or, ”what is this song’ ”. Just to give you an overview of what the extension can do, the Twitter account of its developer has published in a series of tweets anecdotes about the most famous films and series of the platform.

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For example, we learn that in episode 7 of the first season of Stranger Things, it took almost 200 kg of salt to make the sufficiently salty pool water for Eleven to float effortlessly, like in a sensory isolation tank. To download this extension, it’s very simple: click on this link to go directly to its page on the Google Chrome Store .

Since you all are here on Twitter, here is fun trivia for you. In # StrangerThings S 01 E 06, It took 1, 200 lbs of salt to make Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) float in the kiddie pool. # facebookdown # instagramdown # WhatsAppDown

– Netflix Lens is now Cine Lens (@cinelensio) October 4, 2021