This cult series from the 90s is also entitled to its reboot

Decidedly, we are going in circles. For a few years now, we have been entitled to reboot on remake whether it is on the big or the small screen. Surely a little nostalgic side. Thus, we learn that a cult series of the years 90 will be entitled to its remake. But not just any old one: Code Quantum is coming back.

Code Quantum is coming back soon?

It seems that the project has been in the pipeline for a while. But nothing concrete so far. But according to Deadline, we’ve never been so close to the reboot of Code Quantum.

Aired between 1993 and 1993 in France (with a little delay compared to the United States), Code Quantum marked an entire generation. And if you missed the adventures of good old doc Sam Beckett, we have excellent news for you. Yes, it seems that NBC has ordered a pilot episode of a reboot of this iconic series. Oh bravo!

From what we know for the moment, the American channel is considering a rereading of the original plot of Donald P. Bellisario’s series, thirty years after the death of our dear doctor Sam Beckett. A new team is forming and would have in mind to unravel the mysteries of the strange time machine and the life of the scientist who created it.

If you needed from a booster shot, Code Quantum followed the adventures of Sam Beckett, played by Scott Bakula, through five seasons. This genius scientist tries his own time machine, convinced of his hypothesis. But not everything goes as planned… And he finds himself stuck in the body of another, in another era. He now passes from body to body, from era to era, in the hope of returning home. And in the meantime, he will do his best to help the individuals whose bodies he occupies to repair their mistakes of the past…

Scott Bakula will not answer present…?

According to what we know for the moment, NBC will call on new actors for this reboot of Code Quantum. To the chagrin of some… Yes, Scott Bakula does not seem attached to the project. However, given the new synopsis, it is possible that he will resume his cult role the story of only a few episodes… But nothing confirmed.

For the moment, everything is still quite vague around this remake of Code Quantum which is only in its infancy. We imagine that we will know very quickly more about the casting and, above all, about the date of broadcast of the said pilot episode.

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