This Carrefour could open a “blabla checkout” for customers who want to chat

Tom Werner/Getty Images Make a supermarket attractive by allowing certain customers to come and do their shopping while chatting with a cashier. This is the wish of a Carrefour store manager located in Le Mans (Sarthe), who intends to open a “blabla checkout”, described West France. The goal, for the store manager, Simon Fouchet, is to “leave time to discuss” with a “volunteer cashier to do it” without annoying the other customers. Indeed, Simon Fouchet would like to open a dedicated fund, because, he noticed, his clientele is essentially “old”. Not a problem according to him, especially since his Carrefour store can count on a total of thirty checkouts. But, for the moment, the “blabla checkout” is still only at the “project” stage, reveals- he, given the health crisis. And, as soon as possible, Simon Fouchet wants to “test the concept”.

An idea already well established in the Netherlands

Nevertheless, this concept, precisely, is not a first. “blabla boxes” have already emerged in the Netherlands in 2020 in order to fight against social isolation d years of stores under the Jumbo brand. These are already over 67 in the country. As reported by LCI on January 9, a U store in La Montagne (Loire-Atlantique) has already opened a box of this kind, just like another in Chartes, specifies This is also a Crossroads. In view of the first reactions, customers seem delighted with this new service. At Carrefour du Mans, the director had another idea to improve the relationship with the customer. He has established a “silent hour” per day, from 31 hours at 31 hours, details West France . If originally it was a question of thinking about people suffering from autistic disorders, everyone seems to have found their account.

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