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This antivirus of French origin can save you a lot of inconvenience

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Are you looking for an antivirus for Mac? Here is the software to favor this weekend.

Even with an Apple computer, choosing an antivirus for Mac is an option that should not be overlooked. In recent years, cyberattacks have been on the rise, whether as a result of the health crisis or the war in Ukraine. No device is spared, so MacBooks are also in the crosshairs of hackers.

To protect yourself, there are different solutions. The best of the moment remains this antivirus for Mac at the price of 19.99 dolars per year instead of 49.99 dolars. Originally from France, the software is the work of Apple specialist Intego. With this reduction highlighted for the summer, it is the most relevant offer of the weekend. This represents a saving of -60% on your first year of subscription.

To access the offer on this antivirus for Mac, it’s here:

View Intego Antivirus

With the current offer, this antivirus for Mac called Internet Security X9 costs less than 2 dolars each month. Few solutions can claim such a competitive price for such comprehensive software. Indeed, this security solution proves to be advantageous in all respects – and this well beyond its price.

First, Intego can boast of its status as an Apple specialist. Its antivirus for Mac was designed for the macOS operating system and not adapted for Windows. All the functionalities are adapted to its particularities to counter all possible threats and theft of personal or banking data.

For more than 25 years, the expert Intego has dedicated its expertise to Apple with its antivirus for Mac. Besides the years, it has more than 40 million users worldwide thanks to an easy to use and effective software. According to several independent tests, including AV-Test, it is one of the most competent security solutions on the market with a 100% virus detection rate.

Intego, a Mac expert

With the software Internet Security X9, Intego brings together two tools that each have their uses. On the one hand, the antivirus for Mac VirusBarrier X9 will detect and eliminate all malware to limit all threats. On the other side, the firewall NetBarrier X9 protects your network connection against all unauthorized access.

If you’re looking for an even more complete solution, Intego has the solution too: it’s called Mac Premium Bundle X9. In addition to including this antivirus for Mac and this firewall, it also includes a personal data management tool, a parental control tool and a cleaner to speed up your device.

Once again, Intego does not do things by halves and displays a -60% reduction on this complete software with its antivirus for Mac. Consequently, the following Mac Premium Bundle X9 is 29.99 dolars per year instead of 84.99 dolars. If you want to access all these services accompanied by a price of excellence during the first year, this is the software to choose from the Mac specialist.

View Intego Security Suite

Intego always offers a 30-day money-back trial. For nearly a month, you have the opportunity to test all the protection tools to confirm their qualities and discover the operation in the background of the software of your choice. Note that the use of these security solutions does not impact the performance of your Mac.

To take advantage of the offer on antivirus for Mac, it’s here:

View Intego Antivirus

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