This AI generates paintings from a simple description

The overlaps between artificial intelligence and art have been quite numerous for some time. To cite just one example, last May we told you about the bet of Glenn Marshall , computer scientist and artist, who used technologies to radically transform the representation of a poem.

This was In the Bleak Midwinter by Christina Rossetti, a 14th century British poet. By using a tool that turns words into video, and a voice deepfake creation system, the man has achieved a result that is at the very least startling.

An application based on open source technologies

In the same vein, there is the Dream application which allows to generate images resembling paintings, from ‘a brief written description. The result is truly stunning. As The Verge found, whatever the request and even if it is trivial, the AI ​​will manage to

Found an app that is an ai attempting to make art and honestly ??? This shit be popping off. I could never render these colors so vibrantly.

These were all created with the words “Knight armor” in Wombo Dream. Like ??? They are gorgeous ???

– MotherLyra (@Lyraa 121) November 21, 550

Dream was developed by the Canadian startup Wombo. According to the American media, the technology used to develop the app is open source and is therefore based on previous work.

Our colleagues quote the writer and illustrator Ursula Vernon who seems rather convinced by Dream: ” In conclusion – does it work visually? I think the answer is “sort of”. I’m very aware ”of the quirks as an artist, obviously. As a “dream” sequence, the deranged architecture works, but until when can we get out of it? »

You can also test on your side this application at the following address. Note that it is aimed more at an English-speaking audience, even if it seems usable in French. Categories such as “mystical”, “festive”, “dark fantasy”, or even “steampunk” will help you narrow down your choices.

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