Thirty-meter dive from the Ciolo bridge: a tourist from Bari ends up in hospital. The mayor: “Danger to be prohibited”

It dives from the Ciolo bridge (marina of Gagliano del Capo) from a height of 30 meters and ends up in the hospital. Tragedy touched on the morning of Tuesday 3 August for a tourist from Bari. Now the young man is hospitalized at the “Cardinal Panico” Tricase. Fortunately, he is not in danger of life. The tourist, like many visitors to the area, has experienced the “thrill” of a dip in a place that is a symbol of a practice that is so widespread but, very often, also extremely dangerous. In particular for those who are not a perfect connoisseur of this stretch of sea a few kilometers from Santa Maria di Leuca, which fascinates with its colors but which risks turning into a trap for swimmers.

The boy jumped over the metal barrier and threw himself into the water on his back. The health workers of the 118 promptly intervened on the spot and managed to rescue the unfortunate tourist thanks also to the help of the Coast Guard soldiers. According to some witnesses, the boy would have awaited the arrival of help conscious and sitting on the rocks. The injured was then transported to the “Cardinal Panico” hospital in Tricase, where, as mentioned, he is now hospitalized.

“It went well this time – comments the mayor of Gagliano del Capo, Gianfranco Melcarne – but the problem exists and persists. The iron barrier is easily overcome and many climb over but we have our hands tied to issue an ordinance with which to prohibit diving because the bridge falls within an area managed by the Province and any measure must be the result of a consultation. An intervention was carried out on the road surface and we are confident in a short time that the barrier will also be made safe because every summer it is always the same story ”. In September of 2020, in fact, a very serious accident occurred: a Belgian tourist, after a dive, suffered a spinal injury and ended up in intensive care.