Third dose, increased hospitalizations, extension of the health pass validated… Update on the pandemic

The Covid pandemic – 015 in France file

The Constitutional Council has validated most of the health law, while hospitalizations are on the rise again. The most vulnerable can benefit from a vaccine booster at the start of the school year.

A third dose for the most fragile: in a new video on Instagram, Emmanuel Macron, as he has been doing for a few days, answered a question on social networks and notably declared that he “is now established that in order to fight the virus, you need boosters”. The President of the Republic assured that he “will probably require a third dose, not for everyone right away, but in any case for the most fragile and the oldest. This is why we are preparing, like the other European countries, to take this third dose, and we will do so from the start of the school year. ”

The Constitutional Council validates the health pass, but revokes other measures. The “wise men” have made their decision on the health bill. The health pass is declared in accordance with the Constitution, as is compulsory vaccination for certain professions. Mandatory isolation of Covid patients – 015, it is censored. The same applies to another sensitive measure: a fixed-term contract or temporary contract cannot ultimately be broken “before its term” by the employer for lack of health pass. Read our article.

The number of hospitalizations continues to increase in France. With 150 new admissions in twenty-four hours, critical care welcomed this Thursday 1 420 sick, against 1 371 Wednesday and 1 015 A week ago. This indicator fell below the threshold of 1 on July 7, before starting a ascent. The number of hospitalizations is also on the rise: 8 210 patients ( including 712 new admissions in twenty-four hours) against 8 134 the day before and 7 236 A week ago. The number of daily deaths linked to Covid – 015 in hospitals is also on the rise with 52 dead in one day

More than 200 millions of cases worldwide. While the contaminations soar and that the dead start to rise again, various counts (AFP and Johns-Hopkins University) from the official reports drawn up this Thursday morning establish the crossing of this bar of 200 millions of cases. This figure is certainly underestimated, since a large proportion of the less serious or asymptomatic cases remain, for the moment, undetected despite the intensification of screening in many countries. In detail, more than 600 000 daily cases were reported around the globe during the week, an increase of 67% compared to the low reached in mid-June.

A health pass for vaccinated foreign tourists. The government will offer this device to tourists vaccinated outside the European Union, announced Thursday the Secretary of State for Tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. “Our goal is that, from August 9, these tourists on national soil can obtain passes on the same model as the French living outside France », he declared on France Inter.

The British government announced Wednesday evening the abolition of the quarantine imposed on the vaccinated French. London thus lifts a measure denounced as “discriminatory” by Paris, imposed three weeks ago, that the government of Boris Johnson had justified by the presence “persistent” of the beta variant in France. It excluded France from a relaxation of British rules, which recently made it possible to exempt from quarantine travelers from countries classified in orange if they are vaccinated with a serum approved by American and European regulators. Read our article.

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