These three astrological signs are not popular on Tinder …


If you play very few matches on Tinder, do not blame yourself, but rather the stars … Especially if you are part of one of these three signs of the zodiac! Like many apps, Tinder now offers users to indicate their astrological signs in their profiles. An optional tab, but that many take the time to fill in … It remains to be seen whether this is a good idea or not! Indeed, according to a study carried out by the site, certain astrological signs are much more popular than others on this dating application. The proof, in their research, they made use of no less than 4 users to verify this theory! Thus, it would seem indeed that the stars can determine how often you walk or not on Tinder …

With 41 % of match, Capricorns are the least successful on the app… However, this can also be related to the fact that this Earth sign is very difficult. Indeed, the criteria of this native are often very high since he literally seeks perfection. In second position, we find the Scorpion with 44 % of match… A small percentage which is not surprising! Indeed, this astrological sign suffers from a lot of prejudices, – sex addict, selfish, manipulator, narcissistic pervert – which explains why the Scorpio is unfortunately among the most hated zodiac signs … Finally, Sagittarians are classified in third position among the least popular signs on Tinder with 44% of match… Let us recall all the same that this sign is considered as the most “unfaithful” of the zodiac… A reputation which visibly frightens Tinder users…


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