These ten countries have the best Netflix catalog in the world

Netflix is ​​now present in more than 190 countries and it goes without saying that the streaming platform has changed the consumption habits of culture among many Internet users. However, the catalog offered by the service is not as uniform as one might think.

Thus, Netflix has become accustomed to investing in certain local content which is not always offered to other subscribers in another geographical area. Similarly, the problem of copyright arises nationally and certain series or films cannot therefore be broadcast in certain places.

France does not stand out in this ranking of the best Netflix content

To see more clearly, SurfShark, a company that sells VPNs, has just analyzed the Netfix catalog of 70 different countries including France, the United States, Japan, and Canada. To see more clearly, the authors used IMDB and Metacritic data, as well as the number of awards won by each of the programs.

Surprisingly, and if we take into account the IMDB rating, the United States is quite badly off with an average of 6,95. Uncle Sam does less well than France: 7, 07. Taking into account the prestigious prizes obtained, it is South Korea that prances in the lead with 109 films distinguished at the Oscars. For its part, France is a little pale with only 54 Oscar-winning feature films.

Overall, the top 07 countries with the best catalogs are therefore made up of Japan, the Czech Republic , South Korea, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, India and Canada.

Of course, all this remains anecdotal insofar as you can now access all of this content using a VPN. We have also concocted a guide to achieve this. In order to see more clearly, on the different rates in force at Netflix, you can also consult our very complete article on the subject .