“Then I’ll go to Elektro Meyer”: ARD Olympia commentator does surreptitious advertising – the broadcaster pretends to be funny

“Then I’ll go to Elektro Meyer”: ARD Olympia commentator does surreptitious advertising – the broadcaster pretends it’s funny

Table tennis commentator Frank Grundhever from ARD causes criticism with a controversial statement. In the exciting team semi-final between Germany and Japan, he does surreptitious advertising for an electronic chain and his broadcaster pretends to be funny.

ARD sports commentator Frank Grundhever ensures split opinions on Twitter . While some celebrate him for his comment (“If he wins this, I’ll escalate completely”), others criticize his way of commenting. So far, so good.

But as a basic lifter explains, “and if they move into the finals – I only have such a small television here at home – then I go to Elektro Meyer and buy a big one, that then I want to see it in full format! “, then it’s about a completely different topic: surreptitious advertising.

Sportschau Twitter editorial team makes fun of You have to know that Grundhever works for the Saarländischer Rundfunk, which is based in Saarbrücken. There is an expert Elektro Meyer in this city. For this reason, Grundhever has to put up with the accusation of surreptitious advertising.

Upon request from FOCUS Online explained the Twitter editors of the “Sportschau”: “Did he mean Elektro-Meyer or not Elektro Mayer? Maybe Elektro-Meier? Maybe Elektro-Maier?” and made fun of this thing.

In addition to his statement about Elektro Meyer, some Twitter users praised his emotional comment such as: “That tingles on the retina!” @PlayPaule wrote: “What your colleague delivers at table tennis is incredibly cool – that’s sport! That’s love ! That is passion! That’s great! Thank you. ” @ NiklasEckert3 said: “The table tennis commentator deserves a raise! What a passion!”

Criticism on the web: “The commentator is … special” But not everyone thought the ARD commentator was great. “Frank Grundhever has reached the table tennis final. Heaven help!” Noted another Twitter user. “The commentator is … special,” said athlete Manuela Schmermund.

“If Frank Grundhever’s retina was tingling, he was already at Elektro Meyer, he just had the herbal tea for cognac exchanged or why did he practically miss the match point? Really a completely insane comment, “wrote Twitter user Florian Reis.

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