the watch from Google is revealed in video before its release

According to 01Net’s the watch from Google is revealed in video before its release
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A video published by Google shows the manufacturer’s choices for the case, display and bracelet of the connected watch. It reveals the use of Gorilla Glass.

Google is due to officially announce its Pixel Watch smartwatch, as well as its Pixel 7 smartphones, on October 6. But surprise, the manufacturer has published videos that reveal it. It started with a teaser where the watch only appears for a few seconds, along with the manufacturer’s other products:

But the following video is totally dedicated to the Pixel Watch, in particular its design:

We see the crown and the display in time mode. At 13 s in the video, we can see how the bracelet, available in several colors, easily attaches to the Pixel Watch, by simply rotating the case. On the other hand, the watch seems quite thick. Google mentions other types of displays with, among others, that of the heart rate. At 26 s, we see on the back the mention Gorilla Glass on the back of the watch, without knowing what type of glass is used.

Unfortunately, Google does not give any technical characteristics in its video. The only known information is the use of an improved version of Wear OS 3, fruit of the alliance between Samsung and Google. The watch must also benefit from integration with Fitbit, acquired by Google. We will have to wait for the official announcement to confirm the rumors that mention a 300 mAh battery, but above all the use of Samsung’s old Exynos 9110 SoC, which dates from 2018.

According to 9To5Google, the Pixel Watch would be sold from $349.99 in the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi version and from $399.99 for the 4G version. The rates for France are not yet known.

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