The USA will witness one of the most extraordinary presidential inauguration ceremonies in its history

Washington DC

After the controversial presidential elections on November 3, 2020 and the pressures of the Congress on January 6, Biden, who went through a very painful process, will officially take an oath today.

However, unlike previous presidential oath ceremonies, the 59th oath-taking day will be different, extraordinary and unforgettable in many ways.

The extraordinary security measures in Washington, which have undergone political aftershocks especially after the pressure of Congress, attract not only the American public, but the whole world.

In this respect, Biden’s swearing-in ceremony has turned into a security test that everyone will follow closely rather than a ceremonial show.

The ceremony will be held in accordance with Kovid-19 measures.

According to the program announced by the committee, which organizes and conducts the presidential oath ceremonies according to US laws, Biden’s oath ceremony will be held on the giant stage set up in the west wing of the Congress building in accordance with the Kovid-19 measures.

The committee, which invited an average of 200 thousand people to the regular oath ceremonies, limited this number to approximately 1000 this year. While almost all of the invitees consisted of members of the Congress, senators and deputies were informed that they could only bring one person with them.

At the event, which will start from 10.00 local time, some singers, including Jennifer Lopez, will give concerts first.

Lady Gaga is expected to read the American national anthem at around 11.30, and then Kamala Harris is expected to take the oath and formally take up the post of Vice President.

When the clock shows 12.00, Biden will officially become the 46th President of the United States by swearing on the Bible. After taking the oath, Biden is expected to give a speech, mainly on the themes of “fight against the epidemic” and “national unity”.

How US presidential inaugurations helped shape legacies

After the inauguration ceremony, Biden and Harris will move to the other wing of the Congress building, greeting the soldiers traditionally, and then lay a wreath at the Monument to the Famous Soldier located in Arlington National Cemetery. Biden, who will later move to the White House, will begin his duty by sitting in the chair of the Oval Office.

The ball, which was traditionally held at the presidential oath ceremonies, and the evening at the White House, will not be held this year as part of Kovid-19 measures.

Trump to leave White House before Biden arrives

One of the most important items that distinguishes this year’s presidential oath day from others is that Trump will not both attend the inauguration ceremony and will not welcome Biden upon his arrival at the White House.

Trump, whose impeachment process was initiated by the Democrats after the Congressional pressure on January 6, stated days ago that Biden would not attend the inauguration ceremony.

Earlier in US history, in 1869, Andrew Johnson had not attended the inauguration of the new president, Ulysses S. Grant. In 1921, Woodrow Wilson could not attend the inauguration ceremony of Warren G. Harding, whom he accompanied the vehicle from the White House to the Congress, because he could not climb the stairs in the ceremony area due to a recent stroke.

Trump’s breaking of the tradition, which is an important part of the American political tradition, where the former president and the new president gave a “message of unity” to the whole country side by side, will be remembered as a decision made in history.

25,000 fully equipped National Guard will serve

The security officials, alarmed after the Congressional crackdown on January 6, declared a state of emergency in Washington before the swearing-in ceremony, and Trump declared an emergency.

The US army announced that it increased the number of 8,500 National Guard, which it sent to Washington, to 21,000 first and then up to 25,000. The Commander of the National Guard, Gen. Daniel Hokanson, announced that the soldiers who will serve in the capital will be fully equipped and armed.

It was noteworthy that the number of National Guard in Washington was five times the number of US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq before the Pentagon’s withdrawal process announced last week.

The fact that the National Guard, who served without heavy weapons in previous events and ceremonies, will take part in Biden’s oath ceremony with heavy weapons was also interpreted as security concerns at an extreme level.

While 8,000 National Guard were on duty at Trump’s presidential inauguration ceremony on January 20, 2017, 8,000 National Guards served at the inauguration ceremony of former President Barack Obama on January 20, 2013, and 10,000 National Guard at the inauguration ceremony on January 20, 2009.

No birds fly in Washington

Following the January 6 Congressional pressure, security measures were gradually increased in the capital Washington. While a two-meter-high fixed steel barrier was placed around the congress, soldiers and police vehicles were deployed on many streets and streets in Washington.

Hotels in Washington and the temporary home rental platform “Airbnb” stopped bookings in the city and canceled previously made reservations.

The Washington National Park and Museum Parks Service closed the Washington Monument opposite Congress more than a week before the inauguration.

In addition, while many streets around the Congress were closed to traffic, checkpoints were set up in different parts of the capital in an unprecedented way.

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