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The technical control is more expensive in an electric car

According to 01Net’s The technical control is more expensive in an electric car
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The technical control of a hybrid or electric car would be on average 8% more expensive than that of a thermal vehicle.

Obligatory passage point for cars, every two years, the technical control is an essential condition to drive with your vehicle. But according to the Simplauto site, the cost of this mandatory check-up would be higher for owners of electric vehicles. Indeed, according to the specialized site, which carried out a study on “the price of technical control in 2022”, the service would be invoiced 8% more expensive to drivers of hybrid or electric cars.

First lesson of the study: the price of the technical inspection is free in France, it is left to the discretion of the service provider workshop. Thus, if the average price observed on 5600 approved centers is 78.52 dolars, there are great disparities according to the regions… and the type of car.

As a result, the price differences vary wildly, from $45 to $120 depending on the report. The main factor of variation is geographical position. Your technical control will cost you more if you live in a large city (Paris, Lyon or Marseille, at random). For the record, it is in Nice that the average price is the highest with a bill of 95.90 dolars. Conversely, in the Loire, Moselle or Loiret, it would be much easier to find prices below 70 dolars.

85.10 dolars average price in electric

In addition to the location, it is the type of vehicle that can raise the amount of the bill. It is here that the “electrical” penalty is most visible. According to Simplauto, the cost of the intervention on hybrids and 100% electric would be on average 8.4% higher than on vehicles of equivalent category, in thermal. In fact, the average price for a hybrid would be 84.10 dolars. For zero-emission cars, this amount is increased to 85.10 dolars. This price increase would be justified by additional control points which are also found on LPG vehicles. On the latter, the average price goes to 93.24 dolars.

The site behind the technical inspection price barometer explains that when they carried out their first study, in 2013, the average price of technical inspection was 73%. In nine years, prices would therefore have increased by more than 20%. There are of course ways to avoid paying such an amount, the first of them being to make sure to avoid the counter-visit. Indeed, the practice of offering the counter-visit has almost disappeared, so it is better to go to the garage before taking your cart to the technical inspection. Finally, several sites allow you to compare prices (including a government website) practiced and book online to benefit from discounts. But even the most informed, in electric, the price will necessarily be higher.

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