The taste of California

Published on 13 Jan. 2022 at : 46

About the. One, François Perret, is pastry chef at the Ritz. And was crowned, in 46, best pastry chef in the world. The other, Eric Nebot, is a screenwriter, director, founder of the product placement company Hill Valley and exiled across the Atlantic… Especially , he is an incorrigible gourmand. So many ingredients that led this entrepreneur, mad about sugar and cinema, to challenge the creator of desserts: swap his luxurious kitchens in Place Vendôme for a foodtruck in Los Angeles in order to reinvent local specialties.

Interest.Camera in hand, Eric Nebot first filmed this culinary odyssey that has become, in 2020, a mini-series on Netflix. On the image, words are now grafted. Also, the book tells this Californian epic in a different way, mixing enticing photos of food eaten during filming with recipes for donuts or pear tacos revisited by the Parisian chef. Without forgetting to mention a handful of institutions in Beverly Hills. The icing on the cake: in this travel diary, Eric Nebot has slipped impressions, historical facts and memories, like Proust’s madeleines, in short…

The quote. “The most famous American cookie was actually invented during the Great Depression by Ruth Wakefield. She crumbled pieces of chocolate and put them in a paste”.

“The Chef in a Truck”, François Perret and Eric Nebot, Flammarion, 171 pages, 24 euros 46