The Steam Deck is still scheduled for the end of February, confirms Valve

The Steam Deck, Valve’s first portable console This is perhaps the most coveted console of this beginning of the year 2021, out of next-gen concerns: the launch Steam Deck, Valve’s first portable console, was announced for next February after an unexpected delay—due to shortages of electronic components. But if the latter does not seem ready to stop, the Steam Deck would be on track to meet its launch date…

The Steam Deck, Valve’s first portable console

Decks are coming

May the lucky ones be reassured: the first wave of Steam Decks seems well launched to be shipped by the end of February as planned. “First of all, Steam Decks deliveries will start right on schedule” can thus be read on the press release1675180 from the manufacturer on its official website. “Despite the global pandemic and supply and delivery issues, it looks like we will be able to begin shipments at the end of February“.

In recent weeks, several videos have circulated on the web showing the Steam Deck in the hands of individuals. These are not timely leaks: Valve confirms that it has already sent development kits to studios wishing to confirm the compatibility of their titles on the nomadic bike. “Hundreds” have already shipped in the past month, while “that a new wave of kits” would be about to be shipped.

Valve has already set up a whole label system to identify which games will be supported by the Steam Deck according to a graduation system? Games marked with the “Compatible” button will play “perfectly” on the small console, while games marked as “Playable” will require some manual adjustments. Finally, some games will simply be “Unsupported” and therefore incompatible with the Steam Deck. Several titles from Valve’s catalog have also 1675180 already been patched to be compatible with the console, like Half-Life 2,

Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.