SSC Tuatara, which became the fastest mass production car in the world with a speed of 508.7 km per hour, returned to the tracks after the cancellation of its first record attempt. In the trials made for the third time, SSC Tuatara reached a speed of 460 kilometers per hour and secured its place at the top.

The SSC Tuatara, considered the fastest mass production car in the world, started to wear out a little after breaking its first record. If you remember, in the first video in which the record was broken, it was stated that the speedometer and GPS of the car did not match each other and the record was canceled.

To prove the strength of the SSC Tuatara, a second record was attempted, and this time it was even driven by the company’s CEO, Jerod Shelby, not a racing driver. However, due to a technical failure in the vehicle, the trial was canceled and postponed to another time. After a short hiatus, SSC Tuatara came back to the track and this time began to break its promised speed record.