The Sims 4: Electronic Arts reportedly uses AI to turn pictures into characters

Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the largest producers and developers of video games in the world, including The Sims 4. As a reminder, the life simulation video game “The Sims”, or The Sims, was developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts in 2014.

The first game Sims just allowed a face image to be placed on a character model in Sims Creator. Since then, the game has evolved tremendously and, according to rumors, EA is currently considering using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in order to be able to shape the image of players in the game.

© madamf / 30 RF.COM As a reminder, The Sims have stood out from other video games with their expansions, item kits, mods, and even live music festivals that have managed to retain players during the last seven years


Generate body entire players from images A team of developers, led by Igor Borovikov, are reportedly working on this new feature of the Sims. Namely that he had already worked on older titles like The Sims 3 and The Sims Medieval as well as on The Sims 4.

In addition to being able to generate the facial features of the players from images or photos, the new feature could also generate the full body of players from images. A patent filed by EA in April 2020 and approved in October 2021 indicates that ” method includes: receiving an input image a reference subject; processing this image to generate a normalized image; the identification of a set of characteristics present in the normalized image, each characteristic of which will correspond to a part of the head or the body of the reference subject ”.

Convert photo to Sims?

This technological advance therefore offers the possibility of converting images of real people into game characters. Concretely, players will be able to upload photos of themselves or of other people to convert them into Sims.

According to the Sims Community report , the official patent explains in detail the steps of converting images into in-game characters with the corresponding facial features of the submitted images. The patent also illustrates some prime examples of character creation in The Sims 4 .