The scammer wanted to replace the last doctor in the village

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The crook, who had already worked in the Pas-de- Calais, was unmasked by the doctor he wanted to take over from.

He thought he had found the rare pearl: a young successor for his cabinet of general practitioner in Betz, a small town in the Oise, fell from the sky after five years of fruitless research. It all started during a teleconsultation with Doctor Philippe Boulland, reports Le Parisien , during which a young man presents himself as a “general medicine intern at the Châteauroux hospital” wishing to take over his practice, remembers the sixty-something. The latter, who retired last summer and who settled in the Landes, explains Nord Littoral, continues to take care of patients via teleconsultations. Thinking of dealing with his savior, the one who was a European deputy then wishes to formalize things. But when the one and only candidate does not present him with the documents necessary for the establishment of the contract, the practitioner contacts the council of the

Order of doctors of Indre, department where the young man is supposed to practice. It falls from the clouds: the alleged intern is not a doctor. He is not from Indre either. Summoned to explain himself on these new elements, the candidate for the succession no longer gives any news, relates Doctor Boulland to North Littoral.By doing research on the internet , the former MEP then discovers, stunned, that the man is a crook from Calais, in the Pas-de-Calais, and that this is not his first attempt. The latter, contacted by our colleagues from Nord Littoral, denies having posed as a doctor. The Council of Physicians of Indre, planned to file a complaint against this young man. To discover :

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