The Rise Of Social Audio


Audio as a whole has become increasingly important. Advertisers follow the eyeballs — or in this case, ears.

As consumer adoption skyrockets, the medium itself has garnered attention beyond impressions. 

Over the past several years, podcasts have gained a cult following — and most recently, it has become a scramble in meetings to see who can mention Clubhouse first.

Just last week, Spotify bought Locker Room to complete with the emerging platform, while Spaces launched from Twitter.

It’s hard to believe that Facebook, Instagram, and others are far behind.

So surely social audio is the next big thing, right? The answer is a resounding…maybe.  

We are certainly in “the craze” at the moment. The aura of exclusivity derived in part from the must-get-an-invite groundswell has created a lot of hype. While the fervor surely will die down over time, the interest in audio and desire to make it interactive will remain.



The interactive audio space offers a new breed of potential influencers a voice, coupled with a certain degree of intimacy. And right now, platforms like Clubhouse invite candor and require less polish. Engaging hosts and moderators who have something to say, regardless of how prepared it is, can attract new audiences. 

While Clubhouse remains ad-free, how can brands take advantage of the platform? There are a few options:

Social audio offers an easy, intimate way to engage. While other channels might have a more polished presence, this format gives creators the freedom for intimacy and the ability to build one-on-one connections.

These factors serve as crucial levers for advertisers who want to establish more meaningful, enduring relationships with their audiences. 

As many established influencers move to Clubhouse,

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