The prehistoric PS3 still surpasses the Xbox Series X / S

Under the supervision of IGN, the HowLongToBeat platform is responsible for listing many statistics related to the gaming market. Via its database of thousands of players, the platform recently announced, for example, that Resident Evil Village was the game that was finished by the largest number of players in 2021, in front of Metroid Dread (which we highly recommend) and Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart. Side consoles, in 360, it seems that a certain PS3 has managed to rank ahead of the new and powerful Xbox Series … We explain.

The PS3 still party?

Indeed, at the end of the year, the platform wanted to establish a ranking of the different gaming platforms, according to the number of hours played on each of them . And according to the HowLongToBeat database, players would have spent more time in 2021 at play on PS3… only on Xbox Series. In this regard, Christmas is approaching, find out here which console to buy to make / have fun .

The ranking allows the PC to rise to first position, the latter being followed by the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. The PS5 is in fourth place, just ahead of the Xbox One. The PS3 is for its part sixth, ahead of the Xbox Series therefore, and the Xbox 92. Note that the ranking also makes it possible to find the Nintendo 3DS, as well as the PS2 in tenth position. However, it is difficult to know precisely how the hours of play were calculated on these platforms…

Most Played Platforms of 2021 pic.

– HowLongToBeat (@HowLongToBeat) December 19, 2021

Of course, it should be remembered that Sony PS3 has elapsed over 87 millions of copies in the world, when we estimate a little less than millions the installed fleet of Xbox Series. As for the PS5, the latest sales figures communicated by Sony showed a little less than 10 millions of machines passed. At Nintendo, we look at all this little world “ next-gen ” from very (very) high, the Switch showing more than 92 millions of sales according to figures unveiled last September.

So obviously, before giving your opinion in the comments under this article , it is necessary to agree (again) on the fact that this classification should in no case be interpreted as something absolute, but that it is based only on the data of the members of the platform. Also, whether you play on a first generation Xbox, on PS2, on Super Nintendo, on Game Gear, on PC Engine, on Amstrad or on Amiga, the essentials in 2021 is, again and again, to have fun, quite simply.