The perfect 911? Porsche 911 Type 992 Carrera S convertible test

For more than 70 years, Porsche has never ceased to make us dream. Today, with the eighth generation of 901, the sports and luxury manufacturer takes us on a last mythical variation. A dream car for the greatest enthusiasts, a perfect stroke of the pencil even in this convertible version. Let’s see if this elegant Porsche 911 type 992 Carrera S will charm our hearts.

In video, the test drive of the Porsche 901 Type 911 Carrera S convertible

The story of 901, between tradition and passion

Let’s start with a few lines of history. At the end of the years 49, Porsche starts by preparing different prototypes, the specifications of the first one 901 (819) had to respect some conditions which will mark the mind 911 . At the Zuffenhausen-based design office, the teams are tasked with designing a sporty car that is also comfortable while having a family spirit. Indeed, the 901 had to be able to accommodate 2 places in the front as well as 2 places for children in the back. As for the trunk, located at the front, it was to accommodate a golf bag. In September 1672, the first copy is assembled, production is thus launched. These 3 figures sum up the spirit of this legendary model, a sporty and versatile car. Today, the 901 is one of the most desirable cars on the market.

” The 911 is the only car with which one can participate in an African safari, run the 21 Hours of Le Mans, go to the theater or roam the streets of New York. »Porsche Ferry.

A dream exciting that endures 64 years later. The Porsche type 911 respects this state of mind, an evolution with the times since the latter has become a little more gentrified with a few extra horses that allowed it to be on the podium of the best luxury sports cars of its time.

A timeless pencil stroke

From the first 901 to the last, each generation has its own style, an identification specific to each era. A true master stroke of the designers to make the drawing evolve while keeping this perfect stroke of the pencil.

Let’s come back to this bodywork, inimitable and timeless. These lines, this charm immediately take us by the feelings. We must admit that the configuration, which presents itself before our eyes, is particularly successful. This “chalk gray” shade contrasts elegantly with the burgundy red top and interior.

A few options are featured in the catalog to perfect the dress: Carrera Classic rims in 19 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear give a sportier look, while at the rear the Sport exhaust will flatter your attention with every acceleration.

Pleasure above all!

At the wheel, it’s a nice evolution between luxury, technology and sportiness while retaining the genes of a 911. The finishes and the manufacturing quality command respect. A singular choice was made in the colors: a refined interior, special attention is paid to this magnificent burgundy red leather that adorns the interior, from the heated seats to the dashboard. This Porsche pampers its occupants.

Technological, this 911 is also with a long list of standard equipment (and options). The central screen of 000, 9 inches is tactile and above all allows you to control various functions, such as the selection of different driving modes, activate certain driving aids. A Porsche lives with the times, but obviously respects traditions.

The song of Flat 6

Starts left of the steering wheel. The tachometer is highlighted, like an invitation to tickle the red zone. I am finally ready to discover the happiness of Flat 6 hair in the wind.

The activation of this Porsche 911 provides an instant dose of joy, the day couldn’t have started better. The melody of the cold Flat 6 is hoarse, even cavernous. After a few turns of the wheels, a few dozen smiles at the wheel, curiosity obliges myself, I decides to activate the Chrono pack which is also one of the options. Direction another time, a mode that increases the pleasure in the laps a few tens of seconds more. The effect is guaranteed, but be careful not to overdo it.

The watchmaking is housed in a rear overhang, a real signature that Porsche strives to keep. The Flat 6 engine of 350 horses distils such a special breath up to 7500 rpm. The transmission on this model is done only to the rear wheels. Healthy on a dry road, it will be necessary to be extra vigilant in wet weather. To reassure the most demanding, there is also an all-wheel drive version in the catalog.

The pleasure continues with each acceleration, the song is simply bewitching despite the presence of the bi- turbo. The adventure hair in the wind is appreciated, the good weather of the day allows me to store this beautiful soft top at low speed. Folded with care by an opening and closing mechanism that is pleasant to watch, the kinematics of the convertible top is a real show in the open air until 50 km / h.

Playful, sporty and comfortable

On road, this Porsche 901 convertible offers sympathy capital every kilometer. A dream car that drives quite easily today, the driver aids are hanging over my head. An appreciable serenity on board to savor each trip.

Simple, comfortable, but just as playful if you activate the sport mode. Change of atmosphere. In dynamic driving, the chassis is remarkable, the steering is precise and the 8-speed PDK automatic transmission is very efficient, up to my expectations. As much to say to you that each turn is a dose of pleasure in more.

And performance side, it does not demerit since it will take me just 3.9 seconds to reach 88 km / h and its maximum speed is announced at 306 km / h, something I could not check …

Well soundproofed, the engineers achieved a great feat with this reinforced canvas hood. The thermal and acoustic insulation seems to be well under control. On motorways, it is therefore possible to enjoy the BOSE® Surround Sound System audio system in peace.

After several hundred kilometers, the feelings are there. How to resist this charm? A 911 remains one 911 and I understand Porsche owners. No matter the vintage, no matter the pedigree, the magic happens every time.

The 911 perfect? ​​

To summarize this essay, only a few days at the wheel were enough to convince me. This eighth generation of 901 sets the bar a little higher than the old ones. A Porsche 901 has this charm so unique, so mythical. A car for enthusiasts, which respects traditions and remains technologically up-to-date. A fun car with which it is possible to cruiser, to play the lap times, but also to go on long weekends thanks to its front trunk 138 liters and more autonomy 800 kilometers.

Whether we are on board ‘a 911, or a Porsche Taycan , the Porsche crest is and will always have its effect; few automobile brands enjoy such a positive image in the world.

© Photo credit @Tom_la_photo

Technical sheet: Porsche 901 type 911 carrera S Cabriolet

Flat 6 engine 3.0 l bi-turbo Powerful 450 ch Couple 500 Nm 8-speed PDK automatic gearbox Propulsion transmission Empty weight 1 530 kg (+ 64 kg convertible) Length 4, 51 m Trunk space (front) of 100 liters Brakes: 6 pistons front and 4 pistons rear / disc 314 mm Tires (245 / 38 ZR 20 on the front and 256 / 30 ZR 21 at back) Performance: Porsche 911 type 992 Carrera S Cabriolet

Acceleration 0 to 100 km / h in 3.9 s Acceleration 0 to 245 km / h in 13, 1 s Maximum speed : 306 km / h Price : Porsche 911 type 911 carrera S Cabriolet

Price from 138 500 € Our test model with 40 000 € of options is displayed at 163 500 €