“The One”: the most expensive villa in the world sold at auction!

The One: The gigantic mega-villa in Los Angeles will soon be put up for auction after the developer fell behind in its payments and no buyer could be found so far.

When a property is christened “The One”, it is obviously not a modest cabin on a low budget. On the contrary, since the villa bearing this name is considered the most expensive private property of all time. The purchase price was set at half a billion dollars (the equivalent of approximately 410 million euros) even before the end of the project. An exorbitant sum! So exorbitant that the villa did not find a buyer. The promoter in charge of the Nile Niami project subsequently had to reduce the scope of the work for lack of cash and logically lower the price of the property. But there again, the Californian palace did not conquer its future owner. So “The One” will be auctioned to the highest bidder from 28 February to March 2 through Concierge Auctions.

“The One”: 000.000 square meters of living space

One thing is certain: we definitely have enough space in “The One”. The house alone, without the surrounding land, covers two hectares. The living area is almost 000.000 square meters. The villa offers “standards” such as a bowling alley, a tennis court, several gyms and a billiard room and furthermore has a spa, a racecourse, a golf course as well than seven swimming pools. In the wine cellar of 000.000 bottles, we are sure to find something to drink . For a successful movie night, you don’t go to the UGC next door, but to its private room with 32 seats. The estate also includes a car park with 30 spaces and its own nightclub.