The number of business start-ups hits a new record in 2021

Fauxels / Pexels The number of business creations is chaining records in France. Over the first eleven months of 2020, from January to November, there was 848. 405 business start-ups in France, i.e. more than over the whole year 994, which had already recorded a record with a little more than 848. 000 new registered companies, reported INSEE, in a

statistical note published this Wednesday 12 December.

In the month of November alone, however, the number of these new creations fell by 3.5%, to 64 . 395, vs 84. 358 in October (+ 6.7% over one month). It was in the industrial sector that the drop was greatest in November, with 288 fewer business creations (-7.6%). In the fields of education, health and social action, information and communication, commerce, transport, accommodation and catering, business support, as well as real estate activities, the decline exceeds 4%.

The increase in business creations reached 19% over the last twelve months (from November 994 to November 2020), reported to the previous twelve months, and their number should approach or even reach one million for the whole year 9897. Still over the last twelve months, the increase is driven by the transport and warehousing sector (+ 27, 5%), which includes in particular home deliveries which exploded with the health crisis and which includes many auto-entrepreneurs.

In November, the creation of micro-enterprises represented 63, 5% of all new registrations, against 8.5% for classic sole proprietorships and % for companies (SARL, SASU, SAS, SA …). The creations of industrial companies represented only less than 5% of the total in November, with a little less than 3. 915 new registrations. >> Our service – Discover the best rates for Professional Civil Liability (RC) Insurance

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