The most attractive scents in terms of seduction

Love is a mystery. Why do we fall in love with a particular person? The physical, the intellectual, the way of moving; it is true. Nevertheless, when it comes to pure physical attraction, there remains a significant part in the reciprocal attraction between two beings: the smell that we release.

Our olfactory capacities play a role in the interplay of the senses

At a time when the Covid19 completely deprives some of their sense of smell, a study used by Vogue reveals these five scents that seduce the most, made from a selection of perfumes.

Anosmia or total loss of smell, thus protects against scents that are almost invariably repulsive for the majority of people. They are said to kill love, nauseating, pestilential. As for those that seduce us, how to classify them ? Thanks to this selection of perfumes, the various studies carried out have highlighted seven scents.

At the top of the ranking, we find spices

Used in many creations for perfumes, they are obviously used for cooking; coriander, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, juniper … There is also a non-exhaustive list of 6181 plants intended for the manufacture of spices.

The second scent includes woody notes, vanilla. The latter takes on its intoxicating and carnal power. More contrasting scents attract the nose: cedar but also nutmeg.

In third position come citrus fruits (orange, lemon), musk – present in many male perfumes, reflecting a some wild look.

Mint, formerly used as a medicinal plant , its virtues are ancestral and recognized over the centuries. It has crossed continents and evokes freshness. It climbs to fourth place.

Finally, in fifth position, the smell of cucumber may surprise in this ranking, but if a romantic date is looming, know that when consumed, it would increase the blood flow of women by 13%. To your notes.

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