The luxurious Chanel Advent calendar infuriates Internet users

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Sold 700 euros on the website, it would not meet expectations. The Fashion Network site estimated the content of the calendar to be just over 300 €.

By Jean Delterme Published on 09 / 12 / 2021 at 22 h 53

The magic of Christmas will wait. Chanel , like all the major brands of luxury today, wished to please its customers by celebrating Christmas with its new Advent calendar. And not just any, because it is marketed precisely to celebrate 99 years of perfume Number 5 Unfortunately, Chanel didn’t expect to fall victim to a bad buzz. Indeed, the calendar, sold 666 euros on the website, would contain products derived from the famous house clearly not up to the displayed selling price, reports BFMTV .

It all started with a video on the TikTok social network . The influencer Élise Harmon launched the controversy. The young woman, followed by more than 213 00 0 people, unpack the contents of the purchased calendar and discover, to his amazement, low-end gifts, in particular stickers, a key ring, pins and samples. The Fashion Network site estimated the content of the calendar to be just over 288 €.

“A real collector’s item”

Since then, the video has been around the web, being viewed tens of millions of times and Internet users have also been carried away. The Chanel house wanted to respond to BFM Business. “We have taken note of the very mixed reviews that are currently visible under our posts and are sorry that this schedule may have disappointed some people,” she said.

However, as recalled by the New York Times , nothing is hidden by Chanel, because all the details are available to customers regarding the Advent calendar and its content. No surprise therefore for the consumer. The brand also indicates that the high price is not justified by the small gifts, but by the prestige of Chanel. It is “a real collector’s item” according to the representatives of the haute-couture house. >> To read also – Why the price of this Chanel bag has increased by 2. 000 0 euros in a few months

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