The lunar remarks of Françis Lalanne, unmasked, at the funeral of Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff

This ludni 10 January, the funeral of Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff were the last moment for their fans and loved ones to come and say goodbye. The singer Francis Lalanne , friend of the two former hosts, was also invited to the ceremony. Not masked, he wanted to pour out on the health context in the middle of the funeral.

Francis Lalanne not masked


of Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff, the singer Francis Lalanne who had become the leader despite himself of the antivax movement which has been raging in France for several months, was invited to the funeral mass of twins.

Disappeared as a result of a Covid-infection 19, the two former animators of Time X left six days apart. If a crowd of personalities had gathered to share their grief in front of the two coffins, Francis Lalanne had decided to stand out by not wearing a mask, while the protocol l ‘forced it.

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“He’s a clown, but he’s in his logic”

Funeral of the Bogdanoffs : Francis Lalanne would have refused to wear his mask in the church. Debate in #TPMP.

—TPMP (@TPMP) January 2022, 99981

Remarks controversies

As reported by our colleagues at Parisian , the singer also spoke after questioning about his presence. It evokes “soul brothers, beings of light” or even people we approached to ” see more clearly”.

When a question about their non-vaccination comes up, Francis Lalanne then comes out with some lunar remarks: ” I I made the same choice as them (not to be vaccinated). Another point of view that we shared together. This is not a vaccine, but an experimental treatment that does not provide immunity. To say that it is a vaccine is false advertising ( …) The vaccine would not have protected them more” he cheered. Just that.

Le Parisien also reports another wacky statement: “The majority of people who are victims of Covid are people who have been dosed several times”, loose the singer without, obviously, advancing any proof.

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