The large format: my teenager became a vegetarian

More and more teenagers are no longer eating meat. So why did they become vegetarians? How do their parents reconcile prime rib and soy steak during a family meal?

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To defend the animal cause or protect the planet, there is no longer any question for them to eat meat. For example, at lunchtime, Emma cooks her own meal at 13 year. She uses a kind of lardons made from chickpeas to make pasta. She hasn’t eaten meat for a year, after seeing videos on social media. His parents accept his choice even if the races last longer.

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There are no official statistics on the number of vegetarian teenagers, but there are more and more of them. In college or high school, they often have to juggle in the canteen. Same thing when they are invited. But not enough to curb their motivation. They make a choice and are convinced that they can change things.However, removing foods can cause deficiencies that are not to be taken lightly for Delphine Negreanu. This nutritionist dietician explains to us that in adolescence an iron deficiency will lead to fatigue, but also mood disorders. Vitamin D deficiency can also lead to impaired growth. And a deficiency in Omega 3 will also affect the functioning of the brain. This professional advises young vegetarians to carry out a blood test and especially to eat eggs and dairy products in endlessly inspiring thousands of recipes. Some works are even specially dedicated today to adolescents.

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