The job of getting a hand-gun in lobby PUBG Mobile


Click Inventory in the lower-right corner.
Click Settings in the left corner.
Activate the “Show Firearm in Main Menu” option in the window that appears.
By selecting the weapon you want in your inventory, you can hand it to your character and make it appear in the lobby.
It also pans or a different Weapon 2. as a weapon, you can again show it in the lobby. What you need to do for this is also described below in the articles.

Follow the steps above.
Choose a weapon in your hand from the inventory.
Again, take a pan from the inventory in your hand.
In this way, the weapon you choose first will be on your character’s back and the second will be in your character’s hand in the selected pan. You can also handle the pan back and the gun by applying the same process in the opposite way.

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