The Irregulars: Misfits investigate a series of supernatural crimes in Victorian London for Dr. Watson and his shadowy associate, Sherlock Holmes.

The Irregulars

I think it was one of the best shows ever. Thinking about Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes can become kind of a cliché at times, but every time I see a twist I welcome it. First I think the Irregulars as a group of teenagers was a powerful beginning, because they are all as young as they very special each one in a different way.

Thaddea Graham was a revelation not only in terms of acting but as an example of character in the cast. All the other “ irregulars” where very interesting, as “ Spike” as the skeleton of the group and Bea as the heart. The scenes between the sisters were all very touching and Bea and Jess, so different yet so very close was so nice. Prince Leopold was a great plus to the group and personally I felt it was unfair to see him leave, but the plot was set like that.

For me, see a bunch of very poor underdog teenagers solving cases for Dr. Watson was completely of of the box and the “linen man” also was another twist and a surprise.

The Irregulars

Congratulations to all the cast and I wish I could have been that talented at such a young age.
I watched the show on the same day and start craving for a second season.

Victorian London was also depicted to perfection.

I am happy to have seen so much talent, beautiful messages from kids from a “ workhouse” and a plot completely different from what I would have expected.

Personally when Jess was showing Bea how special their lives have been since the beginning, even if it didn’t really seem like that was also very interesting.

All the messages given by the characters were based on a knowledge of life based on the small things and joys of life, actually where happiness resides, and that goes to Leopold as well.

For me, the magic was really in these details.

Mystery thriller by Tom Bidwell with Thaddea Graham and Royce Pierreson.

The Netflix series The Gang of Baker Street (originally: The Irregulars) is a loose adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In it, the famous British master detective is a drug-addicted swindler who lets his cases solve young assistants and earns fame for them.

Complete plot and information about The Gang from Baker Street

A group of young outsiders are manipulated by the sinister Doctor Watson (Royce Pierreson) to resolve criminal cases for him and his business partner Sherlock Holmes (Henry Lloyd-Hughes). For the respected detective Sherlock Holmes from 221b Baker Street is only a shadow of himself and no longer in the Constitution to solve crimes in London on his own.

For this reason, John Watson drums together his own troupe of young dancers with special abilities. Soon, the crimes in London are taking a supernatural direction that demands the expertise of the young investigators. A rift between the worlds causes the world of mortals and those of the dead to collide. Ghosts and demons cause fear and terror with bloody atrocities. Only the gang from Baker Street can stop these dark forces with united forces.

Background & Infos about The Gang from Baker Street

The gang from Baker Street and The Irregulars is loosely based on the characters of the Baker Street Gang from Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes novels. In December 2018, the streaming service Netflix officially announced the development of the series. The creative mind behind The Gang from Baker Street is Tom Bidwell, who previously wrote the screenplays for the Netflix series Bottom of the River.

Filming for season one will begin in the UK in the winter of 2019. Filming took place in Cheshire, Liverpool and North Wales, among others. Due to the Corona pandemic, production was suspended in March 2020. Filming resumed in August 2020.

The first season of The Gang from Baker Street consists of eight episodes released on Netflix on March 26, 2021. Even before the series started, Netflix extended the gang from Baker Street for a second season.

Some might say that the new Sherlock Holmes show, The Irregulars, have failed Sir Conan Doyle. If you are comparing it to let’s say, the Game of Thrones, then you will surely be disappointed. The cinematography is okay, music is gender appropriate. I decided not to delve into too much technicality since I am not a professional. I’m just a simple “movieholic” kinda gal.

The Irregulars is a fresh, delightful and binge worthy show to watch with the whole family. Teenagers watching with their parents need not worry about cringe inducing scenes for there are none.

Some of my go to genres when choosing what to watch are sci-fi/fantasy, suspense/thrillers and just a dash of drama. Definitely hate a mawkish plot. Having binge-watch most of the movies/series on Netflix we reconciled to watch this new Sherlock Holmes show.

The first episode started slow and the next and then the plot thickened and before I knew it, I was hooked! I fell in love with the characters. I felt their struggle and their love for one another. I remember my childhood friends growing up. Most of them no longer in my life. Yeah, how did that happen?..

Anyway my point is this:

When you’re young, you do not really understand that pain and happiness go hand in hand. Allow yourself for a moment to relive that first fluttering of love and of the pain losing it.
“How do you stop loving someone?” Bea asks Watson. “When you don’t want to love someone anymore because it hurts too much, how do you stop?”

Bea’s final dialogue.. so sappy yet I’ll wait with hopeful anticipation for Netflix to renew The Irregulars for a second season.

This is surprisingly authentic and deeper than expected. A strange combination of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Who and Jonathan Creek?

I went into it thinking it would be some post-modern, P.C trash but I love it so far despite the modern music and massive historical inaccuracies. London being so multicultural and diverse back then is a bit laughable and reduces the actual racial inequality and real injustices of the time.

You want to have a diverse cast, create something that’s set in the present time and don’t re-write history. The woke mob gets it so wrong on this front in my opinion.

However this is some kind of weird supernatural meta-fiction anyway so all is forgiven and it is actually a lovely escape from all the hostility the world is dealing with at the mo, which is why we watch such things!

I can’t pick up on any agenda or anything just cool stories and great acting. A totally enjoyable twist and I think its quite fresh tbh. I’m very surprised I like it as I’m a traditional Holmes fan.

This is another one of those Netflix shows which while definitely have a divisive reaction. While there are many good things about the Irregulars, there are so many bad things that bring down the show. I personally just found this great fun when I turned my mind off and didn’t bother critically analyzing this at all.

For example, some of the characters become unbearable at some moments within the narrative with weird dialogue or some weird acting, but then there are some moments where these characters are so great and lovely you want to root for them again. Then again, this all doesn’t matter once you except that this will happen again and again as this ain’t a perfect reimagining of Sherlock type of show.

On the note with the casting, I really didn’t think too much about if the actor playing the character was Asian, White, or Black, or any other race for that matter because this ain’t a show that’s striving for historical accuracy. It’s just a show about creepy monsters and spirits just popping out at you with a little Sherlocky things mixed in. It ain’t a big problem in this case.

(But one thing I can not absolutely forgive this show for is the music. Whoever’s idea it was to shove electronic music into the soundtrack and into the background music for some of the scenes in this show, I just want to know your thinking. Why? Just why?)

Overall thought the premise is very interesting and the execution is okay in the end, so if you are looking for something to mindlessly binge over a weekend, this show is great for you.