The iPhone 14 will surprise everyone with this completely new and rather successful new design

If all goes as the greatest high-tech specialists on the planet have said, the iPhone 14 will no longer have a notch on the top of its screen in September 2022. Finally, two of the four iPhone 13 only since this novelty should only concern the Pro and Pro Max models. The notch, otherwise called notch, would be replaced by a small punch which would act as a front photo sensor. And while we thought it would surely be placed on the right of the screen, this punch would finally be in the center and see double. We explain to you.

Remove current notch from iPhone 13 is a real technological challenge for Apple. Beyond simple aesthetics, it is a question of keeping the security system Face ID which makes it possible to unlock the smartphone and to pay on certain websites and apps. But where to put the different sensors (infrared, proximity, photo) that allow you to recognize the face of the person facing it? It will not be under the screen tells us Ross Young, analyst at DCSS (Display Supply Chain Consultants). For him, Apple will wait at least until 2023 to do so with Face ID and will, in 2022, adopt a double position: a small punch for the front photo sensor and a small pill outlet located in the center for the Face ID.

There is therefore no return to Touch ID, digital recognition, on the iPhone 14, Apple will keep the face as a security pledge to keep its smartphone secret. It’s not necessarily the best solution with the presence of the mask but the result is pretty good.

This is what the iPhone 14 could look like with its two poses according to 9To5Mac.2023202220232023