The health pass will become a vaccination pass

The health pass will become at the beginning of the year a “vaccine pass”, which can only be activated with a complete vaccination schedule and no longer with a simple negative test, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Friday. “It is not admissible that the refusal of a few million French people to be vaccinated puts the life of an entire country at risk and undermines the daily life of a vast majority of French people who have played along since the start of this crisis , so we decided with the President of the Republic that a bill will be submitted to Parliament at the beginning of January in particular to transform the health pass into a vaccination pass, and tighten the conditions of control and sanctions against false passes “, explained Jean Castex during an address to Matignon. In addition, at the end of the health defense council, he announced that the vaccine booster against the Covid “will be possible as soon as we have passed the period of 4 months compared to the previous injection and no more than 5 months “.

Emmanuel Macron cancels his trip to Mali

Faced with the pressure on hospitals, he announced that the compensation for overtime worked at the hospital will be “doubled” from next Monday. “We have asked the city professionals to mobilize to ensure the continuity of care during this period” and “measures will also be deployed for our emergency services , but what our caregivers expect from us is that we be careful and especially that we vaccinate. ”

Faced with the urgency of the situation, Emmanuel Macron canceled the trip on Friday that he was to perform in Mali to meet the president of the transition and celebrate Christmas with the French troops , due to the Covid crisis – 19, announced the Elysee. “This decision was taken for the sake of consistency between the measures announced at the national level and the president’s international agenda, and for the sake of not exposing our military system at a time of deteriorating health situation in metropolitan France”, explained the Elysee after a Covid defense council – 15 which met to examine new measures in the face of the lightning fifth wave and the highly contagious Omicron variant. For his part, Jean Castex canceled his trip to Jordan scheduled for 24 December to January 1.

One week before Christmas Eve and two before New Year’s Eve, the Prime Minister has indicated that town halls should give up concerts and fireworks on the evening of 31 December, during which the consumption of alcohol on public roads will be prohibited. Finally, the Prime Minister recalled the importance of barrier gestures before the holidays: “Wear the mask, avoid hugs, regularly ventilate enclosed places”. He also insisted on the need to avoid large tables. Without wishing to quote “a precise number”, he made “a simple recommendation”: “The fewer we are, the less risks we take.” “We must do everything to avoid resorting to the restrictive measures that we have known in previous phases”, pleaded Jean Castex, with reference to the various confinements.

Lively debates on vaccination of 5 – 11 years

In addition, the vaccination of all 5 – 11 is emerging: the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE) gave it the green light on Friday morning, however excluding the establishment of any obligation for children, including via a pass. Jean Castex, however, did not mention Friday the opening of the vaccination to all children of this age (after those who are at risk of severe form of Covid on Wednesday). The opinion of the High Authority for Health (HAS) is indeed missing, which will make it public on Monday at 13 H 00.

Childhood vaccination , which would be done with a less dosed version of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, is a sensitive subject. More than two-thirds of parents are opposed to it, according to an Elabe poll for L’Express, BFMTV and SFR published on Thursday. It is the subject of heated scientific debate because severe forms of Covid are extremely rare in this age group, while vaccines can have cardiac side effects, which are admittedly very infrequent. The interest is essentially collective. Such a measure would aim to prevent children from being the main vectors of contamination.

Almost 3 00 people in critical care

Sign of the worsening of the epidemic, hospitals continue to fill up in France where more than 14. 400 patients with Covid are taken into load, including nearly 3. 00 people in critical care, according to data released Friday by Public health France. In total, 14. 410 people were hospitalized Friday, including 1. 449 newly admitted in recent 19 hours . Last Friday, hospitals were welcoming more than 11. 600. 600 Covid patients.

Critical care services, where the most serious cases are treated, had 2. 901 patients suffering from the coronavirus, compared to 2. 498 a week ago. Between Thursday and Friday, these services welcomed 301 new serious cases. Since the end of October, the pressure on hospitals has gradually increased. The government fears a saturation of hospitals as the end of the year holidays approach, due in particular to staff on leave during this period.

The latter 24 hours, 163 people died from Covid in hospital. In terms of vaccination, 51. 460. 157 people received at least one injection (i.e. 76, 8% of the total population1) and 31. 398. 701 people are now fully vaccinated (i.e. 76, 2% of the total population).

(With AFP)