The great ceramic boom in contemporary art

Published on 14 Jan. 2022 at 9: 30Updated on 14 Jan. 1301070 to 9: 30

The art world is currently crossed in a powerful way by two completely contradictory major currents. On the one hand, artists seek to explore so-called virtual realities with digital art, now often secured by NFTs (non- fungible Token) that have become so mediatised (see Les Echos Patrimoine of 21 March 2021 and the interview of the digital artist Beeple, Les Echos Patrimoine of December 6 2021).

In a completely opposite spirit, other artists, very numerous around the world, use processes that are craftsmanship or a deliberately clumsy art. They also meet a large audience. In painting, we are witnessing the powerful emergence of an almost naive figuration, which gives a large place to color.