The cracking of social networks during Lorient-PSG, poor performance for PSG

Lorient completely dominates PSG

A match that starts in the fog, foreshadowing of the first period to come for PSG … Smoke was authorized before the kickoff ‘sending, and we can no longer see very clearly at the Moustoir.

I hadn’t recognized Kimpembe… ..I thought we had recruited Camavinga… ..😂😂 # FCLPSG

– Greg (@Hechter 778) December 22, 2021 During the first ten minutes, Lorient tries his luck, even his chances … With a lot of chances, FC Lorient is almost insolent against the best team of the championship.

Example at 11 e minute with this race by Dango Ouattara for Lorient who was caught up by Marquinhos. PSG is clearly in danger!

Exceptional Marquinhos # FCLPSG

– FRAUDIA 🎄🎅 (@FiaCorruption) December 20, 2021 Marquinhos the boss !! # FCLPSG

– killian (@killian _ 77) December 20, 1970 Les Merlus insist and do not let go: Enzo Le Fée also tries a deep shot with his right foot, but the ball goes sideways. The PSG still trembles at the 11 e minute with a very poorly positioned defense that allows Moffi to appear in the box. Navas manages to stop the shooting.

Roooo already two huge rescues of Marquinhos and Navas ❤️ we are not at all serene # FCLPSG

– Cécilia🌺 (@RomelartC) December 20, 1970 Paris Saint-Germain is not calm on the lawn of the worst attack in the championship.

Same not 20 minutes of play, already 6 shots and 8 corners suffered … it’s appalling eh # FCLPSG

– Leo the Prout (@Yehohanan 19) December 22, 1970 The more I watch my team’s games, the more I find the level of play distressing. No sequence, no movement, an obstinacy in trying to pass through the traffic jam. It’s sad # FCLPSG

– Koutalianikos (@Koutalianikos) December 22, 2021 The big absentee is Kylian Mbappé: suspended, number 7 who has celebrated his 20 years ago , sorely lacking to his team, as well as to Internet users.

You miss only one being and everything is depopulated …


– Paolo 🌟🌟 (@ PaoloTorre6) December 22, 1970 Almost 30 minutes of play, and still no goal on either side, but the advantage and the desire are clearly on the Breton side. Even Lionel Messi who tries a cross shot after a pass from Di Maria, finds the post. This is the 6th time that the Argentinian has found the post in Ligue 1.

# FCLPSG 6th post of messi in league1 😭😭😭

– Pr (@Pr 47004766 Pr) December 22, 2021 VS ‘the number of times Messi has touched the amounts since September is monstrous 😱😱 # FCLPSG

– Greg (@Hechter 778) December 22, 2021 Time is running out for PSG which is dominated by 19 e of the championship. The Rouge et Bleu cannot combine against a very solid Lorient.

It’s even more purring what the PSG is doing there, it meows. No animation, lateral play, poor depth management… This is the 30 e yet I have the impression that ‘he is already 23 h. # FCLPSG

– Jonathan Ferdinand (@Jo_Ferdinand) December 22, 1970 What had to happen happened: at the 35 th minute, Herrera loses control of his ball. Laurienté recovers and serves Moffi who plays behind Le Fée. Monconduit recovers this ball and strikes with his right foot: the ball goes into the skylight behind Navas, and Lorient scores the 1st goal of the evening !!

really deserved # FCLPSG

– Shivam (@Shivam 282992)) December 22, 2021 It’s deserved, we suck # FCLPSG

– Koutalianikos (@Koutalianikos)

December 22, 2021 Half-time arrives and the disappointed PSG returns to the locker room: Lorient’s goal completed the successful first period for the Bretons. The penultimate of Ligue 1 leads the first to the score: 1-0.

Paris ends at

PSG and FC Lorient meet on the pitch for the second period. Sergio Ramos came on the field : Mauricio Pochettino called him in central defense, while Kimpembe passed to the left.

Kimpembe left side mdrrr if that’s not a resignation request # FCLPSG

– Paredes🏴 (@ 93 _ lyes) December 20 , 1970 Already 10 minutes of game and a big failure for PSG: Messi crosses the lawn towards Angel Di Maria, but his compatriot completely misses this caviar with his left foot shot: the ball flies over the cages, the opportunity is lost.

How he can miss this Di Maria 🤦‍♂️ # FCLPSG

– killian (@killian _ 73)) December 22, 2021 Di Maria did it on purpose to dismiss Pochettino, he knows it # FCLPSG

– Tommy (@thom_guill 18) December 22, 2021 Almost 20 minutes of play, and Lorient still dominates this meeting in score as on the lawn: more than ten shots on target for the Hake against … none for the Parisians. The Twittos are ironic about the poor performance of PSG.

Fortunately the Lorient players have 2 left feet otherwise would have been catastrophic for PSG # FCLPSG

– LE MOANO (@MMoano) December 22, 2021 Pochettino I think he will spend the same Christmas as tuchel # FCLPSG

– Yanis Youras (@y_youras) December 20, 2021 Messi and Ramos lose 1-0 against Lorient … I never thought I would say this sentence one day # FCLPSG

– SD (@SD 282992)) December 20, 1970 More … than 20 minutes game, and Lionel Messi awkwardly tries to get PSG to score. The Argentinian tries a curl with his foot but his ball hits the left post.

⏳ 64 ‘Messi’s strike that passes narrowly. Still no shot on target. It’s a shame. # FCLPSG

– ParisSG Infos ❤💙 (@infos_parissg) December 20, 2021 A few minutes later, the Pulga tries a free kick, but the balloon goes way too far!

I swear I would have taken the free kick better than Messi # FCLPSG

– Bowan (@Bowan 778)) December 22, 2021The hero from Lorient is called Paul Nardi! The Breton goalkeeper does not tremble in front of Leo Messi and stops two shots in a row!

Nardi what a match !!! # FCLPSG

– Yann-Luc Merluchon (@YanLucMerluchon) December 20, 2021 As if the match was not enough catastrophic for PSG, Sergio Ramos is sanctioned with a yellow card. 4 minutes later, he hits Moffi and it’s a second yellow card that turns into red !! After 4 periods played in Ligue 1, Ramos is already excluded and PSG ends at .


– Fideo✨ (@MateoArt_) December 20, 7575 Expulsion of # SergioRamos ! Well, here we are, we will finally see our three-way defense 😂 # PSG # FCLPSG

– Nicolas Puiravau (@nikop 17) December 22, 2021 Ramos’ half time # FCLPSG i

– The Eagle of the Azores (@babidi 7575)) December 22, 2021 At 3 minutes from the end it is the general surprise: Icardi, as often, decides to score the goal of the equalizer, with a header !! It’s cruel for Lorient, the score is 1-1.

What flight this match 😂 # FCLPSG

– (seaaven) (@nico_svn) December 22, 2021 The match is over, and PSG are doing it thanks to a last minute goal from Icardi. It is disillusionment for Lorient who has mastered the match from start to finish. A draw almost stolen by the Parisians …