The console war? It's over for Xbox

Since the dawn of time (or rather the arrival of video game consoles), the gaming industry has faced this famous “console war” with players defending their favorite machines like the apple of their eye. We have seen manufacturers who have played on this rivalry to fuel this battle and sometimes achieve nice communication moves to influence the players. After a fine duel of twenty years, it seems that Microsoft is on the verge of giving up the fight to engage in a new fight.

Xbox stops the war consoles

© Microsoft

After the great battle between Nintendo and SEGA during the years 80 and 90 and the struggle between Microsoft and Sony since the beginning of the years 2000… We may be nearing the end of an era. Microsoft officially announces that they are abandoning the console war.

Interviewed by Edge magazine, Phil Spencer, the boss of the Xbox branch at Microsoft has indeed confided that the American firm does not had more of that goal with a much different vision for the next few years to focus on how the industry is developing.

I don’t spend any energy on “how to make other gaming platforms smaller so that Xbox gets bigger”. I’m more interested in growing the in-game pie than our part of someone else’s pie eating. And that’s why we focus on things like cross-play and cross-save. I’m thinking about those scenarios where you and I might not be able to play a game together, and it shouldn’t be because of the console you bought versus the one I bought It doesn’t help the industry to develop, when we put artificial barriers on these things. If it means that we are doing something different from others, we should ask them But I would say that for us it’s not about someone else getting smaller so that we get bigger.

To put it simply, Microsoft no longer wastes time with the competition and is content to move forward quietly on its side, taking care to increase its share of the game, rather than wanting to encroach on the shares from other competitors. Xbox wants to break down the barriers that prevent players from meeting each other.

This is why Microsoft is no longer on the same strategy as Sony and Nintendo. Moreover, Phil Spencer had already announced last year that he no longer considered PlayStation and Nintendo as its main competitors. It is now the new players like Amazon and Google that are monitored by Xbox. As recalled by our colleagues from VGC by relaying the words of Phil Spencer in a interview given to Protocol in February 2020.

When talking about Nintendo and Sony, we have a ton of respect for them, but we see Amazon and Google as the main competitors going forward. It’s not to disrespect Nintendo and Sony, but the traditional video game companies are somewhat out of position. I guess they could try to recreate Azure, but we’ve invested tens of billions of dollars in the cloud over the years. I don’t want to fight with them on the format war, when Amazon and Google are focused on how to get games to 7 billion people around the world. Ultimately, that’s the goal.

Microsoft is no longer in a war console (formats), but in a service war, allowing the firm to reach billions of players on the planet. Will Sony also join the fight with PlayStation Spartacus ?