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The commitment of cleaning and hygiene companies serving everyone


The health crisis has generated awareness of the essential and essential nature of cleanliness and hygiene, requested for the implementation of protocols, the FEP recalls that it has launched a non-commercial site to support the customers of companies in the sector in purchasing efficient and responsible cleaning. Update with Philippe Jouanny, president of the FEP-Federation of Cleaning, Hygiene and Associated Services Companies.

Tell us about your sector

Our sector represents more than 550 000 jobs and 12 companies in France which operate in all sectors and all areas of work and life, whether they are offices, transport, mass distribution, factories, hospitals…. It is an unrecognized sector often subject to a priori and yet a source of jobs since the cleanliness creates each year 000. 000 jobs.

Did the health crisis bring you out of the shadows?

The demand for cleanliness was very strong as was the expectation of more visibility; now our employees are highlighted, the technical gesture is valued. Their presence is reassuring. After the first confinement, we questioned the French through a survey with the BVA institute: for 64% of employees surveyed health and safety at work is correlated with cleanliness and hygiene and for 87% of them, the protocols implemented place must remain.

The question of hygiene has returned to the center of the debate? End users have expressed needs and they want their expectations to be taken into account. Our customers buy health security, quality of life at work and therefore performance. They wonder much more about the usefulness of the cleaning service and its impact on the final beneficiary of the cleaning, whether they are employees or public officials, customers and consumers. Our sector has gone from operational to strategic. This is what makes us say that today our service is no longer a B2B service but a B2B2U service, the U being the user…

And how do you actually go about helping client companies to buy more efficiently and responsibly?

We have launched a process through the non-commercial site purchase-cleanliness. com. Its purpose is to help private and public cleaning buyers to make a cleaning purchase by taking into account in particular the challenges facing the company in this area as well as the expectations of their internal users. This site provides practical advice such as standard clauses and articles for consultations and calls for tenders, as well as keys for drawing up specifications, choosing a cleaning company or monitoring its markets. Buyers also find legal obligations and concrete information on the particularities of the sector.

Practical information

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