The clip of a rapper to the glory of OM (and Payet) is a small hit

Invited on the OM Youtube channel to release a new freestyle, the Marseille rapper Kemmler unveiled a song that immediately found its audience.

It was only released on Wednesday but already totals more than 100.000 views on YouTube. The last title of the Marseille rapper Kemmler, soberly titled “Dimitri Payet”, signs a nice card and seems to have conquered the lovers of the Marseille club. The track, which lasts a little less than two minutes, was thought up as part of the “OM Sessions”, this series of freestyles around rap developed by OM on its own channel.

The concept is simple. A rapper from Marseille is invited to release a new title with only one constraint: to incorporate in his text imposed terms belonging to the lexical field of OM and football in general. Kemmler thus had to compose with the words “outside right foot”, “Bernard Tapie”, “Orange Vélodrome”, “Dimitri Payet” and “number 10”. If the song will necessarily appeal first to OM supporters and their Reunionese playmaker, the result is convincing and the lyrics remain well in mind. Like the clip, made largely from archive footage.

“We can make the slightest stranger a star”

“Support of the hottest club in France. It’s not the millions that make the passion. Capital of zero competition football. Dealer of suffering in samples, “says Kemmler, with a few spades for PSG in passing. “You didn’t know Marseille, you didn’t know anything. Son-daron transmission from grandpa. Longoria, Pape Diouf or Bernard Tapie. We can make the least unknown star. We can make you the last of the cooked”, says -he too.

Kemmler, who will perform in concert in several cities in France from March, had already tried his hand at the OM Sessions in 2019. With a beautiful tribute to Steve Mandanda at the time.