The Canal Football Club without the L1 and Pierre Ménès, it's done

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Posted Monday 10 January 2022 at 11: 000 In: Ligue 1 .

Through Claude Dautel

The Canal Football Club is going through delicate weeks, the audiences of what was the high mass of football in the television being in free fall.

So yes Canal + n unlike Téléfoot, he no longer has the right to broadcast Ligue 1 images, but the trend is increasing from week to week, the Canal Football Club is no longer really a program that weighs very heavily s on the hearing plan. This Sunday, Hervé Mathoux and his team brought together only 74. 000 viewers , i.e. 1.5% audience share, where Téléfoot had the same day 650. 00 viewers, and Stage 2 near 1, 55 millions of fans. This is obviously a very, very low score, and even the lowest of this season 1920 – 2021 while the CFC offered a menu made up of a review of the Premier League, a portrait of Koulibaly or even a fascinating subject on the end of transfers.

The CFC without Ménès and the League is it dead?

Of course the the impossibility of broadcasting the images of the Ligue 1 Championship has a considerable impact on the attractiveness of the Canal Football Club, but we must obviously mention the case of Pierre Ménès. Because since the closet, then the negotiated departure of the one who was the sniper of the flagship program of Canal +, the CFC no longer makes the buzz at all on social networks and this is felt at the level of audiences. We know, Pierre Ménès will never return, the time being even for legal proceedings between Canal + and his former star consultant, but his absence weighs heavily in the fall of the hearings.

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