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the Brata malware is back, it is even more dangerous

According to 01Net’s the Brata malware is back, it is even more dangerous
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The Brata malware is back on the offensive of Android smartphones. Increasingly dangerous, the virus is now able to read the text messages of its victims.

The Brata malware “Brazilian Remote Access Tool Android” is back. Cleafy computer security researchers discovered that the malware had recently been updated with new features.

For the record, the virus appeared on Android smartphones in circulation in Brazil in 2018. Initially, the malware was hiding in fraudulent applications that had managed to enter the Google Play Store. It was found in particular in fake antivirus. The software is designed to steal users’ bank details.

Brata quickly arrived in Europe. Identified in Italy last December, it spread to other countries on the continent in early 2022. The malware was now able to steal all user data before erasing it. Basically, he was doing a factory reset to cover his tracks.

Brata can now read his victims’ text messages

According to Cleafy researchers, the hackers behind Brata added dphishing-related features (phishing in French). The malware can now display phishing pages capable of collecting user text messages. This new option allows hackers to steal authentication codes sent by SMS. In this case, double authentication is unable to protect Internet users.

The hackers are also developing a feature that will allow Brata to browse all the SMS received by its victim in search of identifiers. The goal of the crooks is to steal all the passwords of the smartphone owner.

In the process, Brata installs a back door from a remote server without users’ knowledge. This plugin is responsible for monitoring in real time the actions performed by the applications installed by the smartphone. This feature, also under development, could allow attackers “obtain data from other applications”.

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A new modus operandi

The modus operandi of the virus has also evolved. The new version of Brata targets “one specific financial institution at a time”. Hackers focus on a single bank until action is taken by the target. Brata is then reconfigured to attack the customers of another banking organization. Previously, the virus went on the offensive of several different banks simultaneously.

According to Cleafy, cybercriminals are constantly trying to enrich the functionality of their malware for “create new types of attacks”. Increasingly sophisticated, Brata promises to do some damage. Under these conditions, we recommend that you remain cautious when installing applications on your Android smartphone.

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