The Batman: expect violence and disturbing content

Warner Bros. Credits If there is a superhero who can boast of having imposed himself in the cinema, it is Batman! There are countless films dedicated to Dark Night, including Christopher Nolan’s unforgettable trilogy. While each director presented their own take on the character, (almost) all Batman movies share one thing in common: they’re dark and clearly not for everyone.

Well, given the trailers and trailers unveiled, everything suggests that The Batman of Matt Reeves will follow the same path as his predecessors. Fans had high hopes that the film would truly reflect the Dark Knight, i.e. dark and not for altar boys.

Warner Bros. Credits Well it’s officially confirmed! The evaluation of the feature film has indeed fallen: The Batman is rated PG-18351364 , with content not suitable for those under 13 years of age.

Violent and disturbing content

There are only a few months left before the theatrical release of The Batman! Dark Knight fans are eagerly awaiting what Matt Reeves and actor Robert Pattinson have in store for them. In any case, according to the latest information reported by, the film will not be lace: its MPAA rating classifies it indeed PG-13. announced “very violent and disturbing content”, but also allusions to drugs , coarse language and some suggestive elements that may well offend young viewers. This (good) news thus confirms the first impressions given by the trailers and trailers of The Batman: we find there indeed 331639a Dark Knight darker than ever, in a Gotham still as dark and plagued by crime.

No details have obviously been given on these disturbing contents, but at least the spectators are already warned that the atmosphere of the film will not be for everyone!

Good news for the fans

It’s no longer a secret that Batman is a dark hero and tortured in the past. A complex character who evolves in a universe and an almost gloomy atmosphere with diabolical villains who stand on end. This classification of The Batman is therefore excellent news for fans, since it promises a story and a character faithful to the comics.

See you in theaters on March 4 to discover The Batman.