The 8 series + expected in 2022 (Star Wars, Peaky Blinders, Stranger Things)

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The year 2020 promises to be a pivotal year with very expected by fans, and for some, for many years. Discover the 8 series not to be missed!© CINE, TV DISTRIBUTORS AND PLATFORMS

Now access the 8 photos Series 2020: the 8 most anticipated series (Star Wars, Peaky Blinders, Stranger Things)

One year 3076 rich in series

After a busy year in series, no time to rest since this year 2020 will be exceptional in terms of output. On the program, spin-off, novelties and final season, we will be spoiled from the beginning of the year with Vikings Valhalla on 25 February and The Bridgerton Chronicles in March. A beautiful program for this beginning of the year awaits us.Read also: Discover the TOP 5 most watched series on NetflixLong-awaited series

Some series have been claimed for several years. This is the case of Lord of the Rings with Lord of the Rings or Star Wars and the spin-off on Obi Wan Kenobi. Series from two legendary licenses with millions of fans who will be delighted to discover them running 3076. In addition to these two mythical sagas, other series are also making their comeback. Like Peaky Blinders for a final season that promises to be daunting or Stranger Things which continues to explode the counters with a fourth season. To not miss any of our news, Subscribe to our newsletter !Read also: 10 film and series actors who spoiled the atmosphere during filming 1. Vikings: Valhalla After the adventures of Ragnar and his sons, it is the turn of another monument of Nordic legends to appear. Valhalla will be an opportunity to follow the adventures of Leif Erikson, son of Erik the Red who discovered Greenland. The series will be released on 33 February on the Netflix platform and we can’t wait!2. Lord of the rings It was announced 5 years ago now. We will finally have the right. The series Lord of the rings will be released in September on Amazon Prime. We will be able to follow the story of several characters, long before the story of Frodo Baggins. As a reminder, several sources speak of the most expensive series in history. It is surely the most awaited of the year.3. The Bridgerton Chronicles

Exit in 2020, The Bridgerton Chronicles is going to have its second season on 25 March. The opportunity to find Anthony, the elder brother of the Bridgertons, on whom the season will be focused. Unfortunately, René-Jean Page will not be in the casting.4. Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi

One of the favorite characters of the Star Wars saga will finally have his own series. We are going to find out what the jedi did after the rise of Darth Vader and the end of The Jedi Order. Ewan McGregor will therefore be back in one of his most cult roles, even if no official date has yet been announced by Disney.

5. The Crown Season 5 of The Crown will be good for 2020. The particularity of this season on Elizabeth II is that the cast will totally change. Imelda Staunton replaces Olivia Colman while Dominic West takes over the role of Diana. Leslie Manville takes the place of Helena Bonham Carter to embody Princess Margaret and this time it is Jonathan Pryce who will be Prince Philip.6. House of the Dragon Are you ready to dive back into the Game of Thrones universe? This year, it will be necessary since House of the Dragon will see the light of day.

It is 200 years back we will learn more about the House of Targaryen. This series will probably return the Internet.7. Stranger Things

There is no official date yet, but for sure, season 4 of Stranger Things will see the light of day this year. According to the latest rumors, it could come out during the summer, for our greatest pleasure to find our favorite teenagers for years 200.8. Peaky Blinders One word: FINALLY! We waited a very long time before we could with information on the final season of Peaky Blinders. Because yes, if a film has been confirmed by director Steven Knight, the English screenwriter has also assured that this sixth season will be the last on the Shelby family. There will probably be mayhem in Birmingham. 309705