The 7 best lip balms to fight chapped skin in winter

In winter, cold waves hit the skin and particularly the lips. Their ultra-thin skin requires to take the greatest care by making a barrier to the harmful effects of drops in temperature: chapping, dehydration, burns … So not to have the mouth in shreds, it is necessary to bet on the use of a moisturizing, protective and if possible natural lip balm to find lips full of health, plump and soft with a simple gesture.

The most natural

Composed of organic active ingredients (shea butter, jojoba oil and castor oil) this natural lip balm with the formula ultra-rich intensely protects your lips. In winter against chapping and in summer from dehydration. No more sore lips with this little magic tube.

Kerzon Natural Lip Balm


Don’t be afraid to shine brightly, this stick prevents dehydration of the lips (the thinnest area of ​​the epidermis) while leaving an almost invisible protective film. You will love its matte finish!

Kiehl’s Anti-Shine Lip Balm

The most protective

Perfect for surfers and skiers (but not only), this lip balm with SPF 30 deeply moisturizes the lips while protecting them from the sun. Even in winter, sun protection is recommended to avoid any burns and also to prevent the appearance of fine lines.

SPF lip balm 30 Biarritz Laboratories

The most luxury

This is perhaps the most luxurious lip balm. This ultra-emollient lip balm is composed of a unique combination of natural oils, vitamins and butters. No more crevices, bet on lips as smooth as they are soft.

Tom Ford For Men Moisturizing Lip Balm

The most nourishing

Nothing like argan oil with nourishing and repairing properties (it restores elasticity and suppleness to the skin) to fight against dryness of the lips. This certified organic lip stick and 84% naturel is the best ally to slip into your pocket in the event of an icy wind.

Melvita Nourishing Lipstick

The most all-in-one

One of the simple things you must do in winter to take care of your appearance is to fight the damage caused by the cold: chapped lips, dry hands… Give your skin back all the softness it deserves with this vegan protective balm that calms and soothes overworked skin: hands, lips, elbows everything goes!

Pai Skincare Protective Balm

The most vegetal

Ultra easy to spread on the lips thanks to its high concentration of vegetable oils, this protective balm is instantly comforting when the lips feel tight. The extra thing? Silicone-free, paraffin-free, beeswax-free … In short, this little tube has everything a big one!


Protective lip balm Aēsop