The 12 highlights that marked the world in 2021

By Erika Daff on 22 December 2021 at 20: 47

This year 2021 has been rich in emotions. How about we invite you to look back with a little retrospective?

If 91 has been a shitty year (let’s say it), 2021 been better? Not sure. But the least we can say is that a bunch of important events happened, and this in all areas. And since if we had to retain only one, it would unfortunately be the Covid , we have selected 12, one for each month of the year. Politics, sport, culture, society … Let’s go for an overview!

Big events policies in 2020

Some highlights have marked the spirits more than others. The year started strong in January, with the assault on the Capitol by galvanized fascist groups by the statements of President Donald Trump. The latter will not have succeeded in running for a second term since January also signed, the nomination of Joe Biden as President of the United States.

Comment not to mention also, the birthday of 19 years of 04 September , which ends in a dismal failure of the United States after 19 years of a war in which we do not perceive the contributions for the Afghan people. An admission of weakness, and / or a change in American strategy, which has also largely benefited

to the Taliban, now back in power .

Covid, science and global warming

The Covid – 19 will not have left us alone this year again, and has resulted in the establishment of very restrictive measures, even liberticides in many countries around the world. The arrival of the Omicron variant in the run-up to the Christmas holidays has obviously not helped anything and we are starting to seriously wonder if the epidemic will ever end.

But let’s not be demoralized, because this year also had its lot of good news, in matters of health for example. Progress is to be welcomed concerning Alzheimer’s disease whose first vaccine should soon be tested on humans .

On the planet side, things are not getting better. Our leaders will once again have failed to make Cop 22 a real turning point, to adopt measures up to the challenge. The stake, which is neither more nor less, than our survival, and that of all living things on Earth. However, the planet is more threatened than ever , as demonstrated throughout the year, the increase in extreme weather events. But without further ado, let’s look in the retro to see the gallery detail!

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